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Tree preservation area order

Request for information – FOI14545


Thank you for your email 29 April 2015 requesting the following information:

If possible I'd like to know the last date the "tree line" or woodland area was surveyed (or better still a history of changes) – from www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/business-and-government/help-and-support/products/tile-selector.html. I can see the Date of Last Change was xxxxxx but it only indicates the number of cumulative changes, not what's actually changed.

Also, to what accuracy is woodland mapped at 1:1250? Is it the trunks that are mapped on the ground or the tree crowns from aerial photography? I appreciate it's an impossible task to map every tree accurately at this scale but what are the guidelines you work to (or worked to in xxxxx)?


I can confirm that Ordnance Survey does not hold the information requested. However, under our duty to provide advice and assistance as stipulated in Section 16 of the FOIA, we can provide the following explanation which may assist you in this matter.

Tree lines or edges/limits of woodland are not exactly defined. They are sketched graphically following the approximate line of the trunks. This is done both on the ground and from aerial photography.

Please find attached two screen shots from our old LandLine data, one from xxxx and one from xxxx. The xxxx map shows that the edge of the trees is in the same position as it is now. The xxxx extract shows the houses first appearing in our mapping (less the fences). These are the major changes between xxxx and the current mapping. I can’t say when this edge or limit line was first surveyed as we do not have that information; xxxx is as far back as we can go.

I hope the above is useful to you.

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