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Workforce and temporary workers

FOI16695 – Request for information


Thank you for your email of 27 July 2016, requesting the following information from Ordnance Survey in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000:

I am writing to make a Freedom of Information request for the following information, under the Freedom of Information Act (2000).

To assist you, I believe this may be best sourced from your Category Manager for Professional Services within your Procurement section, or Procurement/Purchasing/Finance and HR/Personnel/Recruitment sections, depending on the organisational structure of the Ordnance Survey.

  1. Please advise the total staff headcount that are employed directly by Ordnance Survey, with each part-time employee counted as one employee. Please exclude all temporary agency workers from this figure.
  2. Please identify each supplier that Ordnance Survey has a contract with to supply temporary agency workers.
  3. Please identify:
    a) The type of contract that Ordnance Survey has with each of these suppliers (preferred supplier list/framework/etc. If framework, please indicate.
    b) Which - e.g. MSTAR/YPO/Panel London/Pan London/NPS All Wales/Crown Commercial Services/etc; and
    c) Whether this is on a neutral/ master/ hybrid vender model, or the lot number.
  4. Please advise for each contract identified within (2) above, of:
    a) The current end date of the contract;
    b) The date(s) that any break clause(s) can be enabled; and
    c) The length of time of any extension that can be enabled.
  5. Please advise of the:
    a) Full name of the main contact at Ordnance Survey who is responsible for the main (or majority of the) contract(s) identified within (2) above, together with their:
    b) Job title;
    c) Group (either team, division or department, whichever is the smallest identifiable group);
    d) Telephone number;
    e) Email; and
    f) Full postal address, inc postcode.
  6. Please identify all suppliers that Ordnance Survey has sourced a temporary agency worker from - but does not have a contract with - from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016.
  7. For each temporary agency supplier (either a. contracted as identified within (2) above; b. non-contracted as identified within (6) above; and c. all temporary workers that Ordnance Survey has sourced directly), how much has been spent on each supplier (or directly), from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016?

I would like the above information to be provided in electronic copy, sent by reply of this request.

Our response

I am pleased to provide you with the attached spread sheet (PDF) regarding your request. I confirm that Ordnance Survey does hold the information you have requested. Where the information is not held or is exempt from disclosure this is detailed.

Information relating to the person who is responsible for the above contracts is held by Ordnance Survey but is exempt from disclosure under Section 40(2) of the FOIA 'personal information'.

We consider this exemption applies because the release of: employees names, job titles, work telephone numbers and their own work email address constitutes personal data, and is exempt because the release of this information would breach one of the data protection principles, as detailed in Section 40(3) (a) (i) of the FOIA.

In applying this exemption, we have considered whether disclosure of the personal data in question would be 'fair' (as described in Part II of Schedule 1 to the Data Protection Act). We have also given particular consideration to the likely expectations of the data subject regarding the disclosure of their personal information in this manner.

Under Section 16 of the FOIA 'the duty to provide advice and assistance' we can advise of our general Customer Service telephone number: 03456 050505 and our Customer Service email: customerservices@os.uk.

Public Interest
When Section 40(2) of the FOIA is engaged, and where the release of the requested information would breach one of the Data Protection principles, this constitutes an absolute exemption, and no public interest test is required.

Internal review

Your enquiry has been processed according to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000. If you are unhappy with our response, you may request an internal review with our FOI Internal Review Officer, by contacting them as follows:

FOI Internal Review Officer
Customer Service Centre
Ordnance Survey
Adanac Drive
SO16 0AS

Email: foi@os.uk

Please include the reference number above. You may request an internal review where you believe Ordnance Survey has:

  • Failed to respond to your request within the time limits (normally 20 working days)
  • Failed to tell you whether or not we hold the information
  • Failed to provide the information you have requested
  • Failed to explain the reasons for refusing a request
  • Failed to correctly apply an exemption or exception

The FOI Internal Review Officer will not have been involved in the original decision. They will conduct an independent internal review and will inform you of the outcome of the review normally within 20 working days, but exceptionally within 40 working days, in line with the Information Commissioner’s guidance.

The FOI Internal Review Officer will either: uphold the original decision, provide an additional explanation of the exemption/s applied or release further information, if it is considered appropriate to do so.

Appeal to Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)
If, following the outcome of the internal review you remain unhappy with our response, you may raise an appeal with the Information Commissioner’s Office at:

The Case Reception Unit
Customer Service Team
The Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Email: mail@ico.gsi.gov.uk

Telephone helpline: 0303 123 1113 or 01625 545745 for advice, Monday to Friday.

Thank you for your enquiry.

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