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FOI questions and our responses – 2016

We responded to the following enquiries under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2004:

1. Information regarding a Public Right of Way in my area

2. Wi-Fi contract

3. Telephone system maintenance contract

4. Mobile phones

5. Map sales

6. Place names

7. Newspaper and copyright licensing

8. Derived data exemption requests

9. Mapping in my postal code area

10. Mapping in my postal code area no.2

11. Financial accounting software

12. Financial acounting software no.2

13. Revenue from TV and film productions

14. Breaches of the Data Protection Act

15. Contractor/agency staff

16. Subscription to World-Check

17. New boundaries for Local Authorities

18. Other Routes with Public Access

19. Location of Viewpoint symbols

20. Release of datasets

21. European Union

22. Minor cyber-attacks

23. Gas and electric suppliers

24. Procurement and usage of vehicle hire

25. Freedom of Information requests

26. IT organisation structure chart

27. Work undertaken in preparation if the UK vote to leave the EU

28. Travel costs for all staff

29. Vehicles leased from Leaseplan UK

30. Boundary IDs

31. Applications run by OS

32. Facilities management

33. Staff earnings

34. Financial Services contracts

35. Changes to property name

36. Security alarms, CCTV and fire detection

37. ICT expenditure

38. ICT contracts

39. Workforce and temporary workers

40. Workforce ratios

41. Conditions of use - INSPIRE Polygons

42. FOI request no's and response times

43. Land Registry conditions of use - INSPIRE Polygons

44. Project funding under market budget

45. Processed or retracted FOI requests

46. Land Registry Overseas Companies Ownership Data

47. Amendments - INSPIRE Polygons

48. INSPIRE Polygons internal correspondence

49. Land Registry licence agreement

50. AddressBase licence

51. INSPIRE Polygons internal correspondence

52. Repositioning of a boundary

53. INSPIRE Polygons internal correspondence

54. Property boundaries/buildings in Greater London

55. Discussions/correspondence concerning 77M no.2

56. Boundary and deeds

57. File data on boundary

58. Mobile, data and telecommunications service contracts

59. Internal departmental plans and strategies

60. Survey commission

61. Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) programme

62. Breaches of the Data Protection Act 1998

63. Development of Colchester

64. Software contracts and expenditure

65. External law firms and barristers

66. Features on maps

67. Other Route with Public Access

68. 5G mobile networks

69. 5G mobile networks x2

70. Head of Human Resources contact details

71. Field measurements

72. Response time to FOI

73. Property in Guyana

74. IT staff numbers

75. Organisational structure

76. Aerial photography

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