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IT staff and infrastructure

Request for information - FOI17759

Our response

Thank you for your email of 15 April 2017, requesting information from Ordnance Survey in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000.

I can confirm that Ordnance Survey does hold some of the information you have requested. Where the information is not held, or exempt from disclosure, this is stated. Taking each request in turn, I confirm the following:

1. What is your annual IT Infrastructure Budget for 2016, 2017 & 2018?
2015/16 – £1,215,000
2016/17 – £1,355,000
2017/18 – £317,415

2. What storage vendor(s) and model do you currently use?
The storage vendors and models currently used are:
o IBM System Storage DS4800
o IBM System Storage DS5100
o IBM Storwize V7000
o IBM Storwize V5030
o IBM System Storage DCS3700

Pure Storage:
o Pure Storage FA-420
o Pure Storage //m10
o Pure Storage //m20

3. When was the installation date of above storage vendor(s)? (Month/year).
The installation date for the IBM storage vendor was 2003 and the installation date for the Pure storage vendor was in 2015.

4. When is your planned (or estimated) storage refresh date? (Month/year).
This information is not held.

5. What is your estimated budget for the refresh?
Information not held.

6. What is the capacity of the storage data in TB?
The storage capacity is 2000 terabytes.

7. The total number of IT staff employed by the organization.
Approximately 200.

8. Please list and provide contact details for the IT senior management team including CIO, IT Director and Infrastructure Architects if applicable:
Mrs Joanne Shannon (Head of Core Technology Development Delivery)
Email: jo.shannon@os.uk

Please note that some of this information has been redacted under section 40(2) (personal information) of the FOI Act, as the information constitutes personal data. Section 40(2) provides that personal data is exempt information if one of the conditions set out in section 40(3) is satisfied. In our view, disclosure of this information would breach the fair processing principle contained in the Data Protection Act (DPA).

In reaching this decision, we have particularly considered:

  • The reasonable expectations of the employees: given their positions, Ordnance Survey considered that none of the individuals would have a reasonable expectation that their personal data would be disclosed;
  • The consequences of disclosure; and
  • Any legitimate public interest in disclosure.

Section 40(2) is an absolute exemption and therefore not subject to the public interest test.

9. Please confirm if you are utilising desktop virtualisation technologies and if so how many users do you provide services for?
Ordnance Survey confirms that it does use desktop virtualisation technologies. There are between 200-400 people using the services.

10. What backup software do you use?
Ordnance Survey uses Veritas NetBackup and Quest vRanger.

11. How much data do you backup in TB?
Ordnance Survey backs up 9500 terabytes (backend uncompressed).

12. Number of servers?
Ordnance Survey has approximately 300 physical servers.

13. What operating system(s) do you use?
MS Windows, Oracle Linux, OS X and iOS.

14. Number of virtualised servers?
Ordnance Survey has approximately 2000 virtual servers.

15. What percentage of your environment is virtualised?
Approximately 85% of Ordnance Survey’s environment is virtualized.

16. If you outsource your IT works, please provide who it is with and when the contract started and ends.
Not applicable.

17. Please also name all of the IT re-sellers that you work with and buy from, as well as the frameworks that you use for the release of any tenders etc.
For the procurement of Goods and Services, Ordnance Survey uses existing Crown Commercial Service’s frameworks (typically RM1577, RM1045, RM 1054), or Contract Finder.

Further information about suppliers of Goods and Services costing over £25,000 can be found on ourprocurement page.

18. Please also approximate the time spent managing your IT systems, specifically storage, per week in the unit of man hours. Also approximate the amount of time taken carving out LUNs and/or Volumes.
This is not a valid request for information under the FOIA, as this is not asking for information held in a recorded format. In any event, please note this information is not held by Ordnance Survey.

19. Please list any and all pain points that the IT teams, and organisation as a whole, experience with regard to the storage and usage of the virtualised workloads.
Ordnance Survey does not hold this information.

20. How is your storage connected, i.e. via Fibre Channel, Ethernet (NFS or ISCSi). If your storage is currently connected via Fibre Channel, do you have access to 10 GB Ethernet, or 1 GB ethernet, and if so, please declare which.
99% of storage is connected using Fibre Channel (2 Hosts using NFS, 1 Host using iSCSI). Ordnance Survey has access to 1Gb Ethernet.

Internal review

Your enquiry has been processed according to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000. If you are unhappy with our response, you may request an internal review with our FOI Internal Review Officer, by contacting them as follows:

FOI Internal Review Officer
Customer Service Centre
Ordnance Survey
Adanac Drive
SO16 0AS

Email: foi@os.uk

Please include the reference number above. You may request an internal review where you believe Ordnance Survey has:

  • Failed to respond to your request within the time limits (normally 20 working days)
  • Failed to tell you whether or not we hold the information
  • Failed to provide the information you have requested
  • Failed to explain the reasons for refusing a request
  • Failed to correctly apply an exemption or exception

The FOI Internal Review Officer will not have been involved in the original decision. They will conduct an independent internal review and will inform you of the outcome of the review normally within 20 working days, but exceptionally within 40 working days, in line with the Information Commissioner’s guidance.

The FOI Internal Review Officer will either: uphold the original decision, provide an additional explanation of the exemption/s applied or release further information, if it is considered appropriate to do so.

Appeal to Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)
If, following the outcome of the internal review you remain unhappy with our response, you may raise an appeal with the Information Commissioner’s Office at:

The Case Reception Unit
Customer Service Team
The Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Email: mail@ico.gsi.gov.uk

Telephone helpline: 0303 123 1113 or 01625 545745 for advice, Monday to Friday.

Thank you for your enquiry.

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