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National Parks on OS Maps

Request for information - FOI17793


Thank you for your email of 5 October 2017, requesting information from Ordnance Survey in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000:

Subject - Information on annual subscription iphone maps - Freedom of information request.
I recently purchased an annual subscription to OS Maps for my iPhone and upgraded to a Premium account. Firstly, I would like to say it's a very useful map system and information seems to be accurate... however, I noticed that you list '15 National Parks in the UK' and I would like to know when you informed, who informed you and how you were informed about an 'extra park'.

National Parks have the Stanford principal in place and state there were 14 parks, so this can not really be 100% correct? I assume you listed the Broads? I just hope that international visitors are not being mislead, as some could be surprised seeing 10,000s of petrol and diesel boats all creating smoke and fumes in amongst the wild life.

I also believe some boats still pump out sewage water into the rivers, plus soapy washing water etc. It's been noticed that the local Broads authorities are still using ancient and old work boats which may still have non-compliant engines that use fuel and leak oils into the bilges causing these to empty into the river when unattended. Maybe recheck the details.

Anyway, I look forward to your comments as my FOI is more about the 'formal communication lines' that enabled you to change your data sets to suit accordingly. Also, were any costs involved with the change by yourselves, or was this reimbursed?

Our response

I can confirm that Ordnance Survey does hold some of the information you have requested. Where the information is not held, this is stated.

1. When you informed, who informed you and how you were informed about an 'extra park'?
You have requested information regarding when, who and how OS were informed about an ‘extra park’; I assume the ‘extra park’ you are referring to is The Broads and as such, I confirm that Ordnance Survey does not hold the information you have requested. However, under the duty to provide information and assistance in accordance with section 16 of FOIA, we can provide the following information which may assist you in this matter.

I can confirm Ordnance Survey’s National Parks layer was included in OS Maps in 2015; this dataset has, since its introduction, referred to 15 National Parks. The dataset has not been subsequently updated to include an extra park.

You may wish to refer to the National Parks website for further information, which states there are 15 National Parks including the Broads.

2. I assume you listed the Broads? [...] Maybe recheck the details.
I can confirm The Broads is listed on our National Parks layer on OS Maps. You may wish to refer to the Broads Authority website for further information regarding its status.

3. Also, were any costs involved with the change by yourselves, or was this reimbursed?
In terms of information on costs involved, this is not applicable, since the dataset has not been changed to include an extra park, as stated in our response to question 1.

Internal review

Your enquiry has been processed according to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000. If you are unhappy with our response, you may request an internal review with our Internal Review Officer by contacting them, within two months of receipt of our final response to your FOI request, as follows:

Internal Review Officer
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Email: foi@os.uk

Please include the reference number above. You may request an internal review where you believe Ordnance Survey has:

  • Failed to respond to your request within the time limits (normally 20 working days)
  • Failed to tell you whether or not we hold the information
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The Internal Review Officer will not have been involved in the original decision. They will conduct an independent internal review and will inform you of the outcome of the review normally within 20 working days, but exceptionally within 40 working days, in line with the Information Commissioner’s guidance.

The Internal Review Officer will either: uphold the original decision, provide an additional explanation of the exemption/s applied or release further information, if it is considered appropriate to do so.

Appeal to Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

If, following the outcome of the internal review you remain unhappy with our response, you may raise an appeal with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Further information can be found on the ICO website (ico.org.uk) under ‘Report a concern’ or you may wish to call the ICO helpline on 0303 123 1113

Thank you for your enquiry.

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