Fair trading policy

We're committed to trading fairly and ethically with our customers, based on the principles below.

Maximisation. We will grant permissions for the commercial re-use of OS data under a suitable licence unless there are strong reasons not to allow re-use.

Simplicity. We will ensure that our processes will enable simple access to OS Data supported by simple policies and licences.

Innovation. We encourage innovation and will continue to remove obstacles to re-use and facilitate the development of new and innovative forms of re-use.

Transparency. We will ensure that users can easily obtain:

  • The terms for re-use, including licence terms.
  • The applicable charges.
  • The details of what is available for re-use.

Fairness. We will treat all re-users in a non-discriminatory way for the same type of re-use. In addition, we will not compete unfairly just because we have produced the data.

Challenge. We will operate a robust complaints process to review licensing decisions where required and with appropriate references to role of the Information Commissioner’s Office in the process.

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