Conditions of use of the Registers of Scotland Cadastral Parcels dataset

Registers of Scotland has produced and made available the Cadastral Parcels dataset, which contains polygons showing “the position and indicative extent of ownership of the earth’s surface for each registered property”.

Registers of Scotland uses OS data in the production of the polygons contained in the Cadastral Parcels dataset, and you will need to comply with Ordnance Survey licensing terms for use of those polygons (including the associated geometry, namely x, y co-ordinates).

Ordnance Survey licensing terms

You will need to contact Ordnance Survey on for the relevant licence conditions if you need to:

  1. Use the polygons (including the associated geometry, namely x,y co-ordinates) for a purpose other than personal, non-commercial use or commercial or non-commercial use within your organisation; or
  2. Sub-license, distribute, sell or make available the polygons (including the associated geometry, namely x,y co-ordinates) to third parties.

By way of clarification of the preceding paragraphs numbered 1 and 2, the “purpose.. (of)… commercial use within your organisation”:

  • Permits using the polygons (including the associated geometry, namely x,y co-ordinates) solely for the internal administration and operation of your business (referred to as “Business Use” (and formerly “Internal Business Use”) in OS standard licence terms); and
  • Does not permit using the polygons (including the associated geometry, namely x,y co-ordinates) for the purpose of creating or developing any product or service intended for sub-licensing, distribution or sale to third parties (notwithstanding that the polygons themselves or their associated attribution or geometry may not actually be supplied as part of such product or service).

Therefore if you create any data which has benefited from, relied on or made use of the polygons (including the associated geometry,namely x,y co-ordinates), you are not permitted to sub-license, distribute or sell such data to third parties under the above terms.

Separate licence conditions are required for activities described under the second of the above bullet points. For Ordnance Survey’s licence conditions, contact Ordnance Survey on

Please note: Use of any such information outside of these terms will be an infringement of OS/Crown copyright and database rights, whether you accessed such information before or after the publication of these terms in April 2017.