Pricing and Trading Group - decisions taken

Read high level information about the recent decisions made by the Pricing and Trading Group.

The level of information is such that we do not prejudice any commercial position for OS or its partners and respects any confidential information provided to us by any third party.

As such, not all decisions are published. Where we specify a date where we expect to release something into the public domain then this should be regarded as our best estimate at the time of approval.  It should not be held as an absolute guarantee of availability.

We will inform customers about changes to terms, prices, etc. through our normal channels or as dictated by our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to reverse any decision, such action likely to be taken only in exceptional circumstances.

Month Decision

March 2016

(2 meetings)

National Statistics Address look-up Derived Data Exemption request.

Approved.  Terms equivalent to OS OpenData can be applied to these datasets.

February 2016

(2 meetings)

Planning Design and Construction Contract.  Terms to support a 3D proposition for project use in the Land and Property market approved for first issue on 1 March 2016.

OS Partner Contract changes, due for 1 April release.  Updated terms, in line with our normal 6 monthly cycle, approved and also approved for early release on 1 March 2016 rather than 1 April 2016.

January 2016

(2 meetings)

 No decisions for external reporting

December 2015

(1 meeting)

 No decisions for external reporting

November 2015

 (3 meetings)

 No decisions for external reporting