Great Britain's officially higher

Great Britain's highest mountain – Ben Nevis – will now officially appear on all OS maps as 1345m. Our series of short videos explain the calculations that have made history.

Ben Nevis 1345m: The Maths

Our latest surveys show that Ben Nevis is taller than originally thought. Britain’s highest point will now officially appear on all digital and new paper maps as 1,345m and not 1,344m. It’s part of the OS brief to take meticulous care surveying every single part of Great Britain.

In the first of a series of short videos explaining events, here’s how Geodetic Consultant Mark Greaves made the calculation that will change our maps forever.


Ben Nevis 1345m: The Trip

We were asked to check the recent repair work to the Ben Nevis cairn - the man-made structure right on top of the Scottish mountain where a trig pillar lives. It  was the perfect opportunity for our team to also resurvey the summit with state-of-the-art, satellite fixing equipment. And it really hasn’t been a walk in the park, as the pictures will show and Field Surveyor Angus Hemmings and Geodetic expert Mark Greaves explains.


Ben Nevis 1345m: When Brackets Matter

The complexities and hi-tech world of the Operations team help make us a world leader in precision mapping. So why are there two heights published on the summit of Ben Nevis? Our Field Surveyor Angus Hemmings (one of the team of three who re-surveyed Great Britain’s highest point) explains why.



Ben Nevis 1345m: Another Age

In 1949 an intrepid team of OS surveyors spent 20 consecutive days and nights climbing up and down Ben Nevis and surrounding summits to take the best measurements possible with the equipment available at the time.
That immense achievement, over 65 years ago fostered a sense of pride and respect from Angus Hemmings and Mark Greaves who helped re-survey Ben Nevis this time with the aid of the latest surveying equipment.


Explore Ben Nevis in virtual reality

Here you can explore Ben Nevis without having to step outside your front door. See Britain's highest peak on Oculus Rift in a game where players race against the clock to find a hidden trig pillar. Or go on a virtual reality tour in OS Virtual Ben Nevis. You can try it out on iOS and Android along with Google Cardboard to experience the virtual reality 3D effect.

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