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Where would you be without OS?

Geospatial information – it’s in the sat nav in your car, the apps on your phone and the survey of your home. But what about the data you don’t see?

Ordnance Survey’s mapping data is relied on by every one of us. If you call for the fire service or an ambulance, more often than not it is OS data that is used to find you. When there is a gas leak or a burst water main, utility companies are planning their response with mapping from us. Want to locate your nearest post office, cinema or supermarket? We are there again, supporting the search engines and pointing you in the right direction.

You do not always see this information – or even know it is there; but we all need it and we all rely on it.

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From showering to using her sat nav, Sarah’s #MyDataDay is powered by OS data.


From getting outside to getting connected, James’ #MyDataDay is powered by OS data.


From recycling to navigating the roads, John’s #MyDataDay is powered by OS data.