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Ordnance Survey talks about the importance of Location

24 August 2012

Ordnance Survey is holding a networking event in ‘Tech City’ to showcase entrepreneurs and new start-up businesses that are making the best use of location technology.

Geographic information is becoming ever more important for small and medium-size enterprises, as well as major businesses, in the development of apps based on location data. Recently, the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Google have been competing on a mass scale in the mapping arena with their own mapping apps, using location-based data.

New businesses that have been successful in using location data from across Great Britain will speak at the ‘Location, Location, Location’ event held at the Google Campus in London on 28 August, 2012. The networking event is aimed at the digital entrepreneur/start-up community who work in the area of location-based app development; whether they are mobile, desktop, server, or platform-based applications.

The exciting range of speakers will be talking at Ordnance Survey’s ‘Location’ event about how they have used location-based information to develop successful products and applications. The sessions are sure to inspire and generate further interest in the many ways in which location data can be used in app development.

Peter ter Haar, Director of Products at Ordnance Survey, said: “There are so many developments happening with location-based data that are exciting a new generation of entrepreneurs.

“Ordnance Survey is world-renowned for collecting some of the most accurate geospatial data and we want to make sure that businesses of all sizes are making the best use of it.

“The potential benefits of using location based data are massive.

“This networking evening will focus on helping start-up businesses to take advantage of the technology and information that is available to them, with much of it being free to use.”

Ordnance Survey maintains some of the highest-quality national mapping in the world and has done for more than 200 years. More than 5000 updates are made to Ordnance Survey’s digital mapping database every day, with 250 surveyors and two planes constantly capturing geographic changes.

Developers can access a range of Ordnance Survey’s data for free. Entrepreneurs and developers alike can see exactly what’s available from the OS OpenData pages on our website.

Ordnance Survey also offers free access to our mapping through our web mapping application programming interface, OS OpenSpace. It’s an easy way to embed Ordnance Survey mapping into a website or online application, with the ability to plot routes, pan and zoom through mapping scales and search via place names or postcodes.

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