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Mapping Scotland’s watercourses to manage flood risk and enhance water science

09 May 2013

National mapping authority Ordnance Survey, has released a new product which maps watercourses across Scotland including the highlands and islands, to help local authorities manage flood risk effectively and reduce the impact of flooding incidents. OS MasterMap Networks – Water Layer will be used to improve scientific understanding of water flows and water quality reporting under the statutory EU Water Framework Directive.

OS MasterMap Networks Water Layer is designed to be used with the other layers of OS MasterMap so that detailed analysis and planning can be done – using the most detailed and consistent information available. Combining OS MasterMap Networks – Water Layer with the topographic, address and road information published in OS MasterMap allows users to understand the impacts of flooding for individuals, businesses and essential public services, including health and education providers and the emergency services.

Tom Satterthwaite, Product Manager at Ordnance Survey, said: ‘OS MasterMap Networks – Water Layer is an important new asset for flood risk managers, incident responders and civil planners. We’ve worked with Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Marine Scotland and the local authority community to develop a data specification that will help users to create a detailed understanding of the watercourses in their area, and then share that data with their own partner agencies. This should mean that over time, flooding risks are reduced and that when flooding happens, agencies are better prepared’.

OS MasterMap Networks – Water Layer data is topologically structured in link/node networks with watercourse geometry derived from Ordnance Survey’s existing large scale content. Catchment information is supplied by SEPA with additional culvert information coming from both Scottish Water and local authorities. The dataset supports reporting under the European Union’s Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/EC) and is INSPIRE compliant.

OS MasterMap Networks – Water Layer is now included in the One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA) making it available to all public sector organisations throughout Scotland. OSMA provides wide data-sharing rights so that users can share data and plans quickly and effectively. The product will be rolled out across the whole of Great Britain, as a beta version in September 2013 before a commercial launch in March 2014.

For more information visit the OS MasterMap Networks - Water Layer product page.

Latest news

Ordnance Survey (OS) and Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW) have today announced how they want to make the outside more enjoyable, accessible and safe for all, by encouraging the public to be more mindful and better prepared when heading outdoors. The partnership was made after MREW’s 2016 callout figures showed incidents to be up for the fourth year running, and a survey commissioned by OS also revealed 76% of British recreational walkers and hikers do not properly plan their route or what to pack in preparation of their walk/hike.

Ordnance Survey (OS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Caroline Bellamy, as its new Chief Data Officer. Caroline is a highly-experienced leader with 25 years’ Data and Insight experience, working in multiple sectors at senior levels. Caroline joins OS from Vodafone where she’d been working since 2008 in various leadership roles in the UK and Germany.

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