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Brits place country walks at number six in Ordnance Survey’s poll of life’s little pleasures

29 November 2013

Country walks, clean bed sheets, a cuddle with a partner and booking a holiday are among a list of the 50 most pleasurable things in life, an Ordnance Survey study revealed.

Christmas dinners, chocolate and someone saying ‘I love you’ also made the list, as did country walks, catching up with old friends and getting a compliment.

The poll, of 2,000 Brits were questioned to launch the mapping authority’s winter Custom Made map campaign, allowing you to make the perfect personalised gift, based on someone’s favourite pleasure.

Nick Giles, Managing Director of Ordnance Survey Leisure said: “With over 80 per cent of those polled enjoy exploring the countryside and 74 per cent of those preferring to do it on foot, something as simple as a relaxing countryside walk can turn a bad day into a good one.

“Sixty-eight per cent of Brits said they would like to receive a personalised gift based on their favourite pleasures in life, so a Custom Made map, where you can centre a map anywhere in Great Britain and add your own titles, personalised image and scale, could hit the spot by choosing a location relevant to their favourite pleasure, adding a humorous photo and an amusing title to sum it up.

“Our everyday lives are becoming so much more stressful and busier than ever before, so the things we used to take for granted are now few and far between.

“Because of this, many of us appreciate things like reading a book or going for a stroll a lot more than we used to.

“And if a friend or loved one is having a particularly stressful day, doing something you know is one of their life’s little pleasures can go a long way to cheering them up.

A cuddle with a partner was named as the number one pleasure in life, while the feeling of getting into a freshly made bed came second.

Tucking into some chocolate, booking a holiday and sitting down to Christmas dinner complete the top five.

Country walks with loved ones came sixth followed by being told ‘I love you’ and meeting up with friends you haven’t seen for a while.

A freshly cleaned house and an alcoholic drink completed the top ten.

Ordnance Survey Custom Made maps are available as either an OS Landranger Map with a pink cover at 1:50 000 scale or OS Explorer Map with an orange cover at 1:25 000 scale, and select your preference between a folded or a flat map (ideal for framing) for £16.99.

Visit www.oscustommade.co.uk if you would like to order an Ordnance Survey Custom Made map.

Top 50 little pleasures

1. A cuddle with a partner
2. Clean bed sheets
3. Chocolate
4. Booking a holiday
5. Christmas dinner
6. Country walks
7. Someone saying ‘I love you’
8. Catching up with old friends
9. A clean house
10. Alcohol
11. A cup of coffee
12. Buying new clothes
13. A day at the beach
14. Getting a compliment
15. Giving presents
16. Cuddles with your children
17. A cheese board
18. Reading a book
19. A cup of tea
20. Hearing ‘I love you’ from a child
21. Receiving presents
22. Cuddles with a baby
23. Watching films with a blanket and a fire when it’s raining outside
24. Crisp winter weather
25. Sitting in a beer garden on a sunny day
26. Payday
27. Eating
28. Tea and cake
29. Dinner with friends
30. Getting off a plane into hot weather
31. Receiving flowers
32. Being productive
33. First kisses
34. Hot drinks in cold weather
35. Duvet days
36. Having a fridge full of new food
37. Christmas television
38. Hot chocolate
39. Going to the theatre
40. Traffic free journeys
41. Having your hair done
42. Putting my pyjamas on
43. Steak
44. Good photos
45. Receiving post
46. Going to the cinema
47. Getting really dressed up
48. Pub roasts
49. Birthday parties
50. Picnics

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