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Make savings of 95% on OS MapFinder maps

17 December 2013

Getting access to the most detailed, up-to-date maps has just become more cost effective with the mobile app from Ordnance Survey.

OS MapFinder provides free access to overview mapping for the whole of Great Britain, direct from the country’s national mapping authority. More detailed mapping at 1:50 000 scale and 1:25 000 scale has been available to buy at the touch of a button, in small 10 km tiles, making it ideal for exploring the country wherever you are and without relying on WiFi or 3G connection.

Now Ordnance Survey has found that the ease of access on iOS devices has meant customers want to download bigger areas, such as entire national parks or regions, and has packaged various areas into bundles to make them easier and significantly cheaper to buy.

The biggest savings are on regional areas, such as the Highlands of Scotland and Wales, which will be available at 1:50 000 scale, to download for the bargain price of just £9.99. The area within the M25 in London will sell for just £1.99 at the same scale.

Nick Giles, Managing Director of Ordnance Survey Leisure says:

‘Packaging our maps into regional ‘bundles’ allows us to price them more favourably. It means we can provide access to national park areas and regions of the country from just £7.99 and produce savings of up to 95% on some areas of 1:50 000 scale mapping.’

The savings don’t stop there; more detailed mapping at 1:25 000 scale is available at up to 60% off the individual tile cost. This mapping is ideal for walkers as it shows footpaths and bridleways and areas, such as the New Forest, will be available to download from just £11.99.

Nick continued:

‘Prices will vary with the size of the area covered and the amount of detail included, but this is a great offer and will encourage people to go exploring further afield.’

Mapping using OS MapFinder is updated, free for the lifetime of the app, with users advised through a push notification that there are updates available. Mapping is cached onto the users’ device, meaning that the mapping can be accessed and searched without using WiFi or 3G connections. Users can also use OS MapFinder to record or plan routes, measure distance covered and time taken.

An update allowing the same price packaging for Android devices will follow for spring 2014.

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