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Discover the secret life of your cat with the G-Paws GPS pet tracker

01 December 2014

Ever wondered what your cat does when you're not around? Wonder no more, because, following their success providing accurate mapping to BBC's Cat Watch 2014, Ordnance Survey is now stocking G-Paws Track, a pet tracking device that helps reveal the secret life of your cat. It can also be used to tell if your dog is getting enough exercise.

The hardwearing piece of high-tech gadgetry, weighing only 11g, fits comfortably to the collar of your pet and uses a high-sensitivity multi-channel GPS receiver that detects and records your pet's position every five seconds. Once your pet has returned home remove the device and upload its collected data to the G-Paws website, where your pet's travels are shown as either street level mapping or via an aerial photographic view. On the website you can also enter your pet into virtual races and watch its progress against similar breeds in the G-Paws pet leagues.

Alastair Tinker, Ordnance Survey's head of commercial partnerships, says: "Cats are secretive creatures, but with G-Paws, curious owners can unravel some of that mystery. Owners can see how many miles their pet roams, discover its favourite haunts, the speeds it has travelled at and what houses and gardens it visits. With dogs it will probably be used much more for monitoring a dog's health and wellbeing, revealing if it is receiving the exercise it needs, rather than where it has been. It's been great working with the team at G Paws to make their product available on the Ordnance Survey Leisure Shop, and I'm sure customers will have fun with the results they get from G Paws."

G-Paws Track spec:

  • U-Blox multi-channel GPS chip, 2 min hot start, under 5 min cold start
  • Li-Pol battery1.443w/h giving 8-hours continuous record
  • 128mb micro sd card to store journeys (average 8 hour journey is between 150 - 200kb)
  • Motion sensor, standby if still for five minutes
  • Ruggedized case with certified IPx& waterproofing
  • Simple two colour two LED display giving battery and GPS signal strength
  • Charge from mains 8-hours first charge, subsequent charges from mains (under 5amp) from flat to full 4-hours

The G-Paws pet tracking device is compatible with OS getamap and can be purchased from http://os.co.uk/gpaws

Hi-res photos for download

Cat wearing GPS device

Dog wearing GPS device

Pack shot

Product shot

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