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GeoVation invites you to build a better Britain

16 September 2014

Ordnance Survey’s eighth GeoVation Challenge sees Britain’s mapping agency teaming up with Land Registry to offer £101,000 in development funding to help develop the best ideas and solutions to current housing issues into ventures.

The Geovation 'Better places' logo

Individuals, start-ups and existing businesses and organisations are invited to submit their innovative ideas to improve the way we do housing between now and 19 November 2014. Standout entries will be invited to a GeoVation Weekend Camp from 16 –18 January 2015, where the innovators can work on transforming their idea into a prototype venture. Those selected to receive funding will be announced at the end of this camp.

Chris Parker, Head of Ordnance Survey’s GeoVation Programme, Products and Innovation, says: “In the four years the GeoVation challenges have been running almost £650,000 has been awarded to create 28 new ventures that use geography and our mapping in ways that have encouraged healthier lifestyles, helped businesses run greener and improved tourist experiences, our neighbourhoods, transport infrastructure and the way Britain feeds itself.

“GeoVation is a test of resilience and our ability to tackle real issues head on. Now we turn to housing and how geography and data can provide solutions to issues based around affordability, availability, access and infrastructure, and the best use of assets and resources.”

Among the issues outlined in the GeoVation Challenge are:

  • How can we provide better access to services for those living in rural areas?
  • How do we make it possible for people who cannot afford high market prices to save for a deposit?
  • How can we build successfully on flood plains?
  • How do we equip homes to enable the elderly to live alone and independently, safely, for longer?
  • How do we create engaging spaces and services that get older people out of their homes and engaged?
  • How can we minimise the number of empty properties that are left to fall into disrepair?
  • How can we design and build energy efficiency into both new and existing houses?

The Geovation 'Better places' challenge launch

Lynne Nicholson, Senior Product Manager at Land Registry adds: “We are delighted to support this GeoVation housing challenge, which addresses matters affecting most people’s lifestyles in today’s society. Land Registry plays a huge part in underpinning the economy by safeguarding ownership of billions of pounds worth of property. The data derived from this activity is an invaluable asset, which we hope can be used to provide solutions to these important issues.”

All entrants to the: ‘How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?’ GeoVation Challenge must use Ordnance Survey open or paid for data and Land Registry licensable data in their ideas. For the full list of issues and how to submit an entry, visit: os.co.uk/geovation


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