Our values

We're passionate about the four core values that make up our organisation: we're adventurous, incisive, restless and true.


  • We explore our ever-changing environment.
  • New technology and new markets mean that location data opens up more opportunities than ever before.
  • Our objective is to discover and reveal the potential for our customers and partners to take new and more rewarding journeys.


  • We find simple solutions to complex problems, always looking for clarity and imaginative connections.
  • Though we deal in complex information, we make it beautifully easy to use by providing it in ways that are simple to grasp.
  • Even the most challenging tasks can be solved with the right information and the right analysis.


  • We recognise our work for our customers is never done.
  • We are discoverers, charting an ever-changing world, mapping and connecting the smallest additions to the landscape.
  • We continually search for better ways of working and better ways to provide location information to our customers.


  • We commit to providing our customers with the most accurate and reliable content.
  • We continually refine our content with seven updates every minute, every day.
  • We give our customers precise and productive solutions to their location problems.