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Who we are

Adventurous, true, incisive and restless

We wouldn't be where we are without our talented people. From surveyors collecting location information and cartographers who produce our maps; to software engineers, designers, product managers, user experience architects, data managers and marketers working together to get our message, products and services out there. Plus of course, we have our legal, financial, HR and building management teams who keep our organisation running smoothly.

Hear from our people

Hear first-hand what life is like at OS, about getting involved in our social scene and what surprised people about working here.

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Where we work

Our head office is located on the outskirts of Southampton; surveyors and customer account managers also work throughout the country.

Visiting us

Our Directors

Our Chief Executive is Nigel Clifford. Find out about members of the Board and our senior management team.

Leadership team

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Our values

Find out why we're adventurous, incisive, restless and true: four key values that make up our organisation.

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