Ever passed “Go” and wondered where it is?

I think most of us have played Monopoly at some point in our lives and we all know that friend or family member who can be a bit liberal at their banking…does the thought of taking more than 200 Monopoly dollars to pass “Go” ring any bells? But have you ever wondered where “Go” actually is?

OS OpenData Monopoly map

OS OpenData Monopoly map

The rest of the board game is well-labelled and “Go” actually sits between Mayfair and Old Kent Road – but where is it? Monopoly celebrated its 75th anniversary on Wednesday and we joined forces with them to pinpoint the location of “Go”.

Putting GO on the Monopoly map

“Go” is actually centred on Lambeth North Tube Station, close to Queen’s Walk, where Monopoly held their celebration event. As well as locating “Go” we worked with Monopoly to create a bespoke map: from the range of free Ordnance Survey data available within OS OpenData, OS VectorMap District was chosen as the base for the new map.

Highly customisable, OS VectorMap District was stripped back to basics to allow for the Monopoly data to be added and overlaid. The map of London was quickly transformed to highlight the roads and areas shown on the Monopoly board before adding the locations and the title deeds for each property and station.

It was fantastic fun to work with Monopoly and as well as plotting “Go” on the map we also marked the locations of all the other Monopoly board positions. The final ‘Monopoly map’ looks great and really brings the game to life, giving it a whole new dimension.

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8 Responses

  1. Geoff

    You’ve mapped Vine Street & Marlborough Street in the wrong places, surely the OS of all people can do better than that!

  2. @Geoff Vine Street and Marlborough Street are mapped in the right spots. However, there is more than one Vine Street in London and there is also a Great Marlborough Street. We did produce the map for Monopoly themselves and they were happy with the map and the locations we plotted. The map was great fun for us to produce and I’ve loved seeing my memories of a childhood favourite game coming to life.

  3. You’ve plotted a Vine Street and a Marlborough Street, that’s for sure. But they’re not the locations intended when London’s Monopoly board was first devised. The three orange properties – Bow Street, (Great) Marlborough Street and Vine Street – were all originally chosen because these roads included magistrates courts. The orange trio were also all located in the centre of town, around Soho, which two of your three locations clearly aren’t.

    It sounds like the team at Monopoly didn’t advise you of this, indeed they appear to have completely forgotten the history of their own board game.

  4. Factman

    Vine St still exists: it’s a very small alleyway off Swallow St close to Picadilly Circus. It was the site of a primary central London police station.
    Great Marlborough Street Police Station and Marlborough Street Magistrates’ Court, at 19-21 Gt Marlborough St. opposite Liberty near Oxford Circus, is now a hotel.
    Bow Street, in Covent Garden and opposite the Opera House, was possibly London’s most famous police station. It was the site of the first Police Office, and subsequently the premier London magistrates’ court. The police station and court were closed in 2006.

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