A trip around Britain’s festive place names

After the fun we had compiling a list of Britain’s Spookiest Place Names back in October, I thought it was only right that with just 19 days until the big day to turned our attention to the festive season and the nation’s best Christmas themed locations…

From Cold Christmas (Hertfordshire) and Christmas Cross (Shropshire) to Holly Green (Worcestershire) and Ivy Tree (Cumbria), there are places scattered across the country where it feels like Christmas all year round – even if only in name.

As it approaches midnight on Christmas Eve, don’t forget to hang up your Stocking (Herefordshire) and leave out a Carrot (Angus) for Rudolph. You can pucker up at Mistletoe Oak in Herefordshire, dream of a white Christmas in Snow Falls (North Yorkshire), or make your way to Wiseman’s Bridge (Pembrokeshire) by the light of a Star (Somerset) – although you may like to use a good map instead.

Some places are more festive than others!

Some places are more festive than others!

For those not worried about their waistline, there’s always Turkey Island (Hampshire) with a side helping of Cranberry (Staffordshire) and Sproutes (West Sussex), followed by Pudding Hill (Windsor). Wash it all down with a couple of Brandys (Cornwall) or Baileys (Essex) and use your Nut Crackers (Devon) to break open your Brazils (Essex) or The Walnuts (Milton Keynes).

There are sackfuls of festive places from Cornwall right up to the Scottish islands. You can visit Bethlehem (Carmarthenshire) without even getting near an aeroplane, or practise your Yuletide songs in Carrol (Highland).

So, what do you think? Have we missed any real crackers (sorry)? What are your picks for Britain’s most festive place names?

[Image by kevindooley via Flickr]

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  3. From a colleague: I know Cold Christmas, my father’s father was brought up at the neighbouring Cherry’s Green and worked for a time at Nasty. Next Spring we can celebrate High Easter (Essex). If you want to be sartorially correct at the Christmas Party you will need a Matching Tye (also Essex). I suspect Mistletoe Oak may be exactly that and Bethlehem becomes Bedlam via the Bethlehem House Lunatic Asylums. Do we have a Bethlehem up here? There are several Jericho’s though none have Walls.

  4. David Mole

    And worth visiting the magical location of Christmas Common, Oxfordshire to buy a Christmas tree. Happy festive season to everyone at OS and all those reading this post

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