To infinity and beyond…with food waste

What do River Cottage and the Royal Air Force have in common with us at Ordnance Survey? The A700 Rocket composter.

Huw and Gwen from Tidy Planet came in recently to do some training for our new industrial composter, so in the future we’ll be composting all our food waste. At our ‘tea points’ around the building there are compost bins and any food waste from our Restaurant will also be included. Before you know it, all our waste will become lovely compost to spread onto our grounds at Adanac Park.

The A700 Rocket composter - image courtesy of Tidy Planet

The A700 Rocket composter – image courtesy of Tidy Planet

The composter takes all cooked and uncooked food waste (except for large bones) and garden waste, and this will divert waste from landfill which in turn will save us some pennies.

The A700 is a shiny, rocket-like creature (hence the name!) capable of processing some 1,400 litres of organic waste each week. I’m told there’s no mess or smell either and in a paltry two weeks our nasty waste will become lovely compost.

I’m sure the daffodils we recently planted in support of our corporate charity, Marie Curie Cancer Care, will be grateful for the compost come spring-time too!

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