Britain’s romantic place names

Over the last few months we’ve looked at spooky place names, we’ve looked at festive place names and we’ve even written about ‘alternative’ place names. But with love in the air at this time of year, it’s about time we revealed Britain’s most romantic place names.

A quick search of our place name gazetteer reveals that the country is blossoming with plenty of places for budding romantics to confess their love on Valentine’s Day.



Genuine romantics could visit Truelove in Devon or Heart’s Delight in Kent. Or they could take a walk with a Lover (Wiltshire) in Valentines Park, Greater London.

Alternatively, if you’re still waiting to be hit by the Arrow (Warwickshire) of true love, why not arrange a visit to Cupid’s Hill in Gwent?

If you’re the sort of person who likes to say it with flowers on Valentine’s Day, the most popular are roses, and it’s the same when it comes to place names, with nearly 300 rose-related locations across the country. There are Red Roses in Carmarthenshire, Rosedale in Hertfordshire, Roseland in Cornwall, Roseworth in Stockton-on-Tees, and numerous Rose Hills.

If all this talk of love is too much for you, shrinking violets can find a safe haven in Violet Hill in Nottinghamshire, Violet Grange in North Yorkshire or and Violetbank near Annan in Dumfries and Galloway.

We also had some excellent suggestions from Twitter followers (and some that couldn’t be published on a family blog… you know who you are!) including the delightful Sweetheart Abbey, near Dumfries and Lovesome Hill, North Riding in Yorkshire.

The best though has to be Isle of Ewe. Say it out loud for the full effect…

Have you got any other suggestions?

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3 Responses

  1. brilliant!! as I said it out loud…the sound gave it away!! best choice! initially when I read it, I was like….come on how cn that be romantic…but say it out loud…love it. gorgeous photo of the swans! I adore the UK and loved readng about the names. will have to add them to my list of places to visit when I eventually get onto the highways and byways in my campervan 🙂
    thanks for a fun post….sadly I could not think of any names to add to the list, except perhaps ‘SweetiePies Boutique Bakery’ in Twickenham. best cupcakes and tea in Britain 🙂

  2. From a colleague:

    I know them both well!! Lovesome Hill was where I stayed before my interview for North Yorkshire CC and Sweetheart Abbey in New Abbey is a cracking sandstone edifice, often visited (especially the tea room). There is also a street called Lovers Walk in Dumfries!

    None of this has had any effect whatsoever!!

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