April 6, 2011


Addressing reaches key milestone

geoplace-logo1If you’ve been following the development of a single address gazetteer then it won’t have escaped your notice that an important milestone was reached last week.

On Friday the legal process to form GeoPlace was finalised. This means that work can now begin on actually building the national address gazetteer database ready for an autumn launch.

GeoPlace is the name of the limited liability partnership jointly owned by Ordnance Survey and the Local Government Group. Its products will be available for anyone to licence through us, but the public sector will have access to them via the Public Sector Mapping Agreement, which itself ‘went live’ last week. You can read Gemma’s post from yesterday for more details on the PSMA.

What this means is that public sector organisations from local councils, to Whitehall departments will have access to GeoPlace data for free at the point of use, as well as virtually all of our other location data.

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