Football ground map quiz

Next week sees a number of FA Cup round one replays taking place, with round two kicking off from 2 December. While many football fans will recognise a picture of their team’s stadium and be able to recite all the stats and facts and figures – would you recognise your local ground on a map?

Our team makes some 5,000 changes each day to the master map of Great Britain and thanks to the work of our 300 surveyors and an extensive aerial photography programme, significant changes are ‘on the map’ within six months of them appearing.

These changes would include football grounds, of course, and to many of our surveyors and cartographers, the birds-eye view would render them instantly recognisable. But what about you? We’ve got some OS MasterMap extracts below showing the football grounds of eight teams currently involved in the FA Cup – can you tell us which teams in our map quiz? Post your answers on the blog and we’ll let you know the answers later.

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7 Responses

  1. cheeky_blobfish

    All a bit too easy when you leave so many streetnames as clues for people to Google! Could’ve made it harder!

    Answers (with how worked out):
    1 – Bath City (away League visit)
    2 – Plymouth Argyle (where else would have a Mayflower centre?)
    3 – Gateshead (from fixtures list, who else would have a running track?)
    4 – Bradford City (Valley Parade)
    5 – Brentford (Ealing Road)
    6 – Stevenage Borough (away FA Trophy visit)
    7 – Fl££twood (Highbury name and away in league)
    8 – Shewsbury (from Meole Brace)

    No streetnames were searched.

    1. OK, I hold my hands up, I obviously underestimated your skills and made this one too easy. Well done cheeky_blobfish! I shall try to make you work harder on the next one…

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