The view from above

Our Remote Sensing team have a unique perspective on Great Britain as they work with aerial imagery every day. Whether they are camera operators in our Flying Unit or technicians based in our Southampton head office, they are getting a bird’s eye view of the sights that you and I only see from the ground.

From beautiful shots of remote Scottish islands, to viewing the Houses of Parliament, every day takes the team somewhere different. Although our 2011 flying season has now come to a close (the team usually fly from March to November as that is the best weather window), processing continues on the thousands of images captured for our database. During processing, Remote Sensing see some unusual sights – which won’t be making it into our database and on to our mapping anytime soon.

Flying at over 8,000 feet and intending to capture areas of Wimbledon with their 196 megapixel Vexcel Ultracam XP camera, the team were in busy airspace. Although you can see the corner of the Wimbledon tennis courts in this picture – the main feature is a Singapore Airlines plane heading into (or out of) Heathrow!

Another capture this year is a well-known site for many motor-racing fans. Flown at 5,400 feet and made up from a series of composite images, do you know which track this is? Let us know your answers on the blog and we’ll share some more images with you next month.

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