Where are we?

Following on from the aerial images in November, we thought we’d share some more of the images that our Remote Sensing team collect and process. As we capture some 50,000 images a year, there are plenty to choose from and share with you.

The first of today’s two images was taken right at the end of this year’s flying season, right here in Southampton, location of our head office. The flying season is usually around March-November time as this is the window for the best weather in Great Britain.

This photo was taken on Sunday 13 November over the centre of Southampton at the Cenotaph as the Remembrance Sunday service was taking place. As you can just about count the number of people taking part in the parade, it gives you a very good idea of the excellent imagery our digital cameras can take.

Our second photo is of a famous university town in England – can you tell where it is? Let us know on the blog.

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7 Responses

  1. Denis Payne

    The central building rather gives this away – do listen to the live broadcast of A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on BBC Radio 4 on 24 December at 3pm

  2. Marcus Keighley

    That’s Cambridge – with King’s College just left of the centre of the picture. Will be there tomorrow doing last minute Xmas shopping, maybe followed by a pint in one of the city’s excellent pubs!

  3. Andrew Williams

    My wife and I think this is Cambridge…is that the river Cam on the left of the image. Beautiful quality by the way. Is there a way I can get data for my house taken by you?

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