South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue using OS OnDemand

It’s always good to see how organisations are making use of our data especially when it’s being used to make services more effective and potentially save the tax payer money.  However, our favourite examples are when you can see the obvious benefit that our data can bring and with emergency services examples, the improved capability and information always has the potential to save someone’s life.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (SYFR) has become one of the first public sector customers of a ground-breaking new ‘on-demand’ service from Ordnance Survey. The OS OnDemand Web Map Tile Service (WMTS-like) will help SYFR to implement a single web based view of their location data across a range of systems and platforms from fire incident data to the location of fire hydrants to improve the accessibility of its operational information.

Being able to see where fire hydrants and other site specific risk information is located can prove to be lifesaving in an emergency situation and for all the responding teams to be able to access the same data in a timely and cost effective manner is even better.

By linking the OS OnDemand WMTS-like service to all of it’s back office and web applications, SYFR will have a single, easy to access view of their own location data plotted on Ordnance Survey maps, and available for all staff to view over the intranet and eventually in cab and at site.

SYFR also intend to develop the tool to plot actual incidents against other datasets such as community safety activity to inform future prevention work.

They have already linked the OS OnDemand WMTS-like service to their Incident Recording System (IRS) and have used it to allow station personnel to query and correct the location of non-addressable incidents.  In the future it is hoped that SYFR will be able to utilise the OS OnDemand WMTS-like service to provide an easy to use tool that supports the publication of incident statistics in line with its desire to increase transparency of data.

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