Do you know your stately homes?

The popularity of the ITV series Downton Abbey, has lead to a dramatic increase in visitors to Highclere Castle, the Berkshire stately home where the series is filmed. It seems that the writer of the series, Julian Fellowes, was a long-standing friend of the Carnarvon family, owners of Highclere Castle, and had it in mind as he wrote Downton Abbey.

Of course, there are many stately homes, and historic ruins, around the country that are worth a visit. Some are in private ownership, while some belong to the National Trust and other organisations. Many also afford the opportunity to enjoy a walk around their grounds and the surrounding countryside, a great way to see somewhere new and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time.

These historic buildings are captured by our team of surveyors or through aerial imagery and available on our mapping. They are far more substantial than the average home, but would you recognise one on a map? We’ve chosen eight properties from across Great Britain to test your knowledge on stately homes. Post your answers on the blog and we’ll see if you’re an historic homes buff! And no, Highclere Castle isn’t one of the featured properties!

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7 Responses

  1. Andrew Carmichael

    1. Blenheim; 2. Chatsworth; 3.Longleat; 4. Castle Howard; 5. Petworth House. Can’t get the rest (although 8 looks more like a regional airport!).

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