Where are we?

Dockland and coastal areas across Great Britain can change dramatically as they are redeveloped for different uses, as the sea erodes the former coastline, or as new warehouses and storage areas can be built in docks themselves. It was a coastline that featured in our first ever map –the Kent coast – and it was published in 1801. The county was mapped out so that defences could be prepared against a possible invasion of England by Napoleon.

Today, as well as 250 surveyors on the ground working across the country, we operate two aircraft which are used to take aerial photography and are based in East Midlands Airport. They capture on average 50,000 aerial images covering 40 000 km squared of Britain’s urban, rural, moorland and mountain terrain every year.

Although our Flying Unit is now based at East Midlands Airport, this imagery was captured in November 2010, when it was still operating from its Blackpool Airport base. The photo was taken at some 6,000 feet above the location.

Can you name the docks shown in this photo – and a bonus point if you can name the famous boat featured. Post your answers on the blog…

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