April 13, 2012


Anyone for cricket?

It’s getting to the time of year where the cricket grounds across the UK will be in use again, with some county games in action last weekend. I can’t pretend that this prospect fills me with joy, but I know there are many of you who will be champing at the bit to spend lazy days in cricket grounds across the country to watch the county and national teams.

You may well be most familiar with your local grounds where people can gather informally to watch. I’ve spent several sunny Sundays sprawled on the grass in front of the Balmer Lawn Hotel in the New Forest, watching local teams play. I’m certain I’d recognise that ground on the map, due to the distinctive hotel nearby.

Would you recognise cricket grounds from across the country on a map? That’s the theme for our mapping extract quiz this week. Let us know the names of the cricket grounds on our eight extracts and post your answers on the blog.

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