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If the idea of unique or bespoke mapping appeals to you then no doubt you’ll already be well aware of our OS Explorer Map – Custom Made and OS Landranger Map – Custom Made range. These new products, launched earlier this year, allow you to site-centre your map on any location in Great Britain. They have proven to be a huge hit, with nearly 12 000 people ordering their own personal mapping of Great Britain.

Our custom-made maps are unique, because you can put your favourite spot (such as your house, your favourite hiking route, the best local pub or your walking group’s meeting place) at the centre. This fact hasn’t been lost on accommodation owners, such as those running bed-and-breakfasts and campsites. They understand that their visitors want to find out what’s on offer in the local area and of course Ordnance Survey maps show every landmark you might want to visit, from walking trails to castles. The interest we’ve had from the accommodation trade shows us that personalised mapping isn’t just a great gift idea.

Since the launch of our custom-made maps, we’ve been really keen to see what areas of Great Britain people are most interested in. We created a heat map showing the areas where the most maps have been ordered. The results showed us that whilst lots of people are obviously visiting key walking and tourism hotspots, such as the Peak District and the Lake District, many people buy maps of less-well-known destinations or simply put their own home at the centre of their map. Some of the popular areas are Newnham and Pathlow in Warwickshire, through which the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal runs, Burgess Hill and Petersfield in West Sussex, Neath and Port Talbot in South Wales, and Peebles in Tweeddale. Custom-made mapping has a broad appeal, from Land’s End to John o’Groats.

Ordnance Survey maps are particularly well known amongst the walking community. The level of detail and reliability they offer allows outdoor enthusiasts to get from A to B and back again, plan routes in great detail and find out what terrain they’ll encounter on the way. However, on occasion, route planning can become more complicated. If you’re a keen walker you’ll understand that planning to tackle a long route that spans two maps sometimes involves grappling with several big bits of paper! You might also find yourself trying to tape maps together to keep the route continuous or even cutting maps up to make your long route more portable. If you prefer to travel light and keep things simple, then custom-made mapping is the answer.

We’d love to hear your custom-made mapping stories. Have you recently purchased a bespoke map and where did you use it?

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4 Responses

  1. I have two custom-made Explorer maps centred on my house in Marden, Kent. One is adorning my office wall, which I use to find interesting places to take the kids, and one is folded up tight for when I go running (I prefer paper maps to GPS) in the fields and forests nearby. They are used every single day!

  2. John Hoadly

    We have one custom map centred on our house near Maidstone in Kent and another centred on Tideswell in the Peak District, which we visit regularly. Both mean that we do more walking from the doorstep than driving to walks further away, which nicely combines being more relaxing and being greener. Although we have our favourite routes, the maps mean that we can always explore back lanes or side turnings and not get too lost!

  3. Steve Earl

    I bought an OS custom map for my sister who has just bought a cabin cruiser to use on the River Rother in Kent from Bodiam to Rye Harbour. The centering worked perfectly to cover the whole river on a 25K map.
    Her face was a picture of delight when she read the custom text. She didn’t even spot that the picture was of her own boat for a while, then suddenly realised and let out a scream! A perfect surprise to go with her cruiser so that she can see where they are on the river, and what’s nearby (pubs mainly!).

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