Ordnance Survey goes 3D

Imagine that you are the owner of a major business. You are considering which city to build your sparkling new building in, and consequently create hundreds of new jobs for the local economy.

You and your team have loads of things to consider. What is the impact on the sky line? Is it in keeping with other buildings in the area? The list goes on. But standard mapping may not do the trick. Enter the 3D map. In some instances 3D mapping could help everything to become that little bit easier.

Ok,  so a billionaire businessman may be an extreme example to start with, but we believe the benefits of this technology could potentially be far reaching and could really help businesses and organisations to improve the way they work.

Earlier this year we started a partnership with Newcastle City Council to show how 3D mapping can help with planning where to place solar panels in a city. Planners at the council will soon be able to look at roof angles and see where shadows would fall.

But just consider some of the other benefits that 3D mapping could bring. Emergency services could visualise a scene, including the exit and entry points before accessing it.  Town planners could benefit from the technology as well as those planning for flood prevention. Being able to accurately visualise maps of places can be very useful.

The partnership with Newcastle is part of a much bigger project. Both organisations are members of a European project consortium called i-SCOPE (Interoperable Smart City Services through an Open Platform for urban Ecosystems), which will run for three years and will involve 11 cities across Europe. All 11 are testing the 3D mapping for different benefits. These include route and noise mapping.

It is another example of the ever growing role that intelligent mapping is having for businesses and organisations and we are proud to be at the forefront of it.

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