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The new digital mapping application from the OS 

Try OS Maps for free or read more about it in this blog post.

This online service enables outdoor enthusiasts to use a zoomable view of our highly detailed mapping, create, share and find routes in the local area, and search for points of interest. OS Getamap - OS Maps on a PCRegister for free access to Ordnance Survey maps online, or choose one of our low cost subscriptions for the full suite of route planning tools and unlimited A4 map printing..


OS getamap gives you instant access to Ordnance Survey Mapping

OS getamap: Ordnance Survey Map onlineThere are several levels of access to OS getamap route planning tool. You can use the site as a guest user (but you won’t be able to do very much), you can register for free or you can subscribe. Subscribers gain access to the full features of the application, such a uploading route notes and images, sharing routes and making unlimited A4 map prints.

However, we believe that you should be able to try before you buy. The free registration option allows you to view Ordnance Survey Leisure maps online, including our overview mapping, 1:50 000 scale OS Landranger and 1: 25 000 scale OS Explorer ranges. You will be able to create your own routes find routes shared by others, but free prints are limited to a smaller size.

To make the most of the application, upgrade to one on the subscription packages, available for one month up to a full year. This will give you access to the full features of the route planner, as well as to the premium ‘Authored’ routes, the advanced route tools and unlimited A4 map printing.

Register today with OS getamap for free. Access to all the Ordnance Survey maps online is only a click away.

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62 Responses

    1. Jonathan

      Hi Tessa.
      To register as a free user, open http://www.getamap.ordnancesurveyleisure.co.uk/ and in the pop-up click ‘Sign me up’

      To upgrade to a paid subscription, go to https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/shop/os-getamap.html, select a subscription package and complete the checkout. Once done, make sure you use the ‘logout’ link on OS getamap, then log back in to activate your account.

      If you have any issues please contact Customer Service and they can assist.

      1. Hi. OS getamap does not work on iPads as Apple blocks the Silverlight browser plugin (as it’s made by Microsoft). However, there is a replacement, OS Maps which is currently in beta testing, available to all current OS getamap subscribers. If you are a current subscriber have a try now – it will be released to the public soon.

    1. The easiest way is using our own OS getamap service – go to http://www.getamap.ordnancesurveyleisure.co.uk/. You will need the Microsoft Silverlight plugin for your browser.

      Just cancel the login box, and click the ‘Leisure’ button in the top left of the map window to switch to classic OS Landranger and OS Explorer style mapping. If you create a free account you can create routes, or you can subscribe to unlock the all the features.

      An alternative is Bing Maps – you can switch the map type to ‘Ordnance Survey’ for UK locations if you just want to be able to browse around the map.

      1. When I click on the button to get the Silverlight plugin, I get redirected to the Mono project. So I try to install this one, but my computer tells me, that the Mono plugin is still installed. In short: OS does not works with Mono (the Silverlight version for Linux and MacOS) What about people with Linux or Macintosh, are they not allowed to use the OS maps?

        1. Unfortunately Mono and Moonlight do not have all the capabilities of Silverlight, and so OS getamap can’t run on them. We have had some customers who use WINE windows emulation to run Firefox with Silverlight to allow them to use the site, but it’s not something we actively support as the configuration to get this working is quite dependant on each user.

  1. John

    DUH! Stupidly it says I do not have Silverlight installed, so I tried to REinstall only to be told I have it already installed.
    SO I cannot even register!

  2. Ivor Boehner

    How about using a more open technology like HTML5 instead of Silverlight? Such a shame to exclude all those of us on mobile devices or non-Windows operating systems.

    1. Hi Ivor
      We’re looking in to moving away from Silverlight for the next version of OS getamap, to ensure that you’re able to access it from any device. Watch this space.
      Thanks, Gemma

  3. Mervyn


    We are travelling around the UK in a camper van. We usually have internet via 3G or WiFi and would like to download a small section of the local OS map to an iPhone to take with us on a local walk. We only have iPhones and iPads with us and no printer. It would seem that your site which requires Silverlight will not be any good. Are there any providers who can meet our needs?



  4. Jon Ford

    I subscribed to Getamap last year 2013/14 and it was absolutely useless. Despite several calls to support personnel and numerous reinstallation’s it never gave even a remotely reliable service.
    I now read from one of the users above that Mac OS doesn’t support getamap. Why wasn’t that pointed out to me and a refund given?

    1. Hi Jon – customer services has let me know you had a few problems when you first subscribed, but that they had resolved them with you at the time. The most common causes of issues on a Mac is an out of date version of Silverlight, or using the Chrome browser as it’s version of Silverlight is not 100% compatible. OS getamap will work on a most Mac computers, but we always advise testing using a free registration first.

  5. Eileen Sellars

    I have downloaded Silverlight as required (and when I tried to do it a second time, Silverlight confirmed this) but your site doesn’t recognised the fact even though I have logged off and on again. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Eileen. The most common reason is that Silverlight is installed but not enabled in the browser you are using. It varies by browser, but generally something like >Tools>Add-ons>Show all>and then find Microsoft Silverlight and tick to enable it. If you cant find it, please contact our customer support team (https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/contact/) with the details of the browser your are using and they can help you.

      1. Alan Harood

        I have tried launching OS getamap several times and it just keeps saying ‘loading’ with that endless little rotating circle? Is this a common complaint?

        1. Hi Alan

          This is usually cause by the MS Silverlight plugin. There are two suggested fixes.

          1. Remove MS Silverlight plugin, reboot the computer and reinstall Silverlight. The reboot is important to ensure all the traces of the plugin are removed properly.

          2. Use a different browser. They all behave slightly differently, and this can fix the issue.

  6. R Billing

    Interesting but of very little use to me. I went all Linux years ago to get the better security and ease of use. I suspect that most of people who organise outdoor activities will be practical types who will have done the same.

    It’s unfortunate that OS has chosen to exclude a large section of the people who make most serious use of the maps.

    However when there is a Linux compatible version I’ll take out a paid subscription at once.

    1. We are working on a completely new version that will run natively in HTML5, so will work on modern browsers including Chromium and Firefox on Ubuntu. Please keep and eye on our newsletter, blog or social media for updates, and for the chance to take part in pre-release testing trials.

      1. Jeremy Smith

        I used to use getamap when I had a windows laptop but as the others have said I am now linux mostly and would love to be part of any trial of the html5 version, please can you provide a link/address to sign up.
        I particularly would like to use it on my chromebook which I now always take with me on trips.

  7. anng

    I have an account which hasn’t been used for a while, but the system won’t let me do any of:-

    (i) login with my password
    (ii) get in with a new password
    (iii) register as a new user

    Please fix asap

    1. Hi Anng. First action is to use the forgot my password’ link at account/forgotpassword – this will let you reset your password as long as you still have access to the same email account. You won’t be able to create a new account with the same email address as it already exists.

      If this does not work, please contact customer services with your account details and they can try resetting it at their end.

  8. Karim Ahmed

    It’s a great service but I am disappointed that the maps are dependent on a Microsoft OS and an executable (Silverlight). In this day and age you should use technologies that are not platform dependent otherwise you exclude a huge audience.

    1. Hi Karim. Yes, unfortunately OS getamap was developed before Apple announced blocking flash and silverlight. However, we are working on a new mapping application that uses HTML5 and so does not require any plugins. It’s currently in beta and available for OS getamap subscribers to test. It will be launched to the public soon.

    1. Hi Duncan. If you are a current OS getamap subscriber you can access the new OS Maps Beta which is designed to work on a wider range of devices and browsers. To stop receiving emails please use the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of each email.

  9. Graham

    Mike and I have written up and illustrated some local walks which we intend to upload onto our local village website. We would like to include small sections taken from the local OS Explorer map onto which we can superimpose the selected route. Needless to say, the Website is a non-profit, community-based facility. Does the Survey have a scheme to permit the use of small sections of maps in this way and if so, what charges are we likely to incur?

  10. Martin Bilbie

    Using Chromebook will not allow me to view 1;25000 or 1;50000. Only road maps. I thought it said access on line was free?

    1. Hi Martin. Are you using the old OS getamap or the new OS Maps? OS Maps no longer has the 50K and 25k scale mapping available for non-subscribers, while OS getamap does. The new road maps in OS maps are more detailed, so should be fine for cycling or driving

      Unfortunately Google has been removing support for the Silverlight plugin which powers OS getamap, so it may no longer be available to you on a Chromebook, depending on your current browser version, and OS getamap will be retired in 2015

      1. Ben

        ……so OS Maps is in this regard a downgrade from “Get A Map” with less functionality…….Thanks for the offer of the “Upgrade” to OS Maps but no thanks…I’ll carry on using Get A Map until the plug is pulled.


        1. Hi Ben. No problem – your subscription gives you access to both for now. It’s planned to shut down at the end of August, but please be aware any NEW routes you create will not be copied over (old routes have already been moved). You can save these by exporting as GPX files before the close date.

  11. Jennifer

    Hi, I have been using getamap for quite some time and have just tried OS maps for the first time. I was under the impression that all my old routes would get transferred to OS maps but none will load. Can you confirm if they do get transferred? I created a new route and saved it but couldn’t re load it.


    1. Routes created before 6 March 2015 have all been ported over – but not collections of pins as OS Maps does not have this feature at the moment. There’s some more information on the Moving from OS getamap to OS Maps guide.

      If you are not seeing your route, please check in OS getamap that they were routes, and not collections of pins, and that you are using the same username and password in both. If you still can’t see them please contact Customer Services with your account details and we can investigate.

  12. Paul Richardson

    Hi there, I have recently completed higher education and am used to utilising the Historical Roam facility of Historic mapping. Is this facility available outside Higher education, either free or as a subscription service.

  13. Rob McNaught

    Having used previous versions of the Get a Map site, when the new site appeared I created a ‘free’ subscription. However, despite the statement above that “The free registration option allows you to view Ordnance Survey Leisure maps online, including our overview mapping, 1:50 000 scale OS Landranger and 1: 25 000 scale OS Explorer ranges… etc.” I cannot view leisure maps, and the checklist of subscription items states that “You must be a paid subscriber to use this feature”.

    1. Hi Rob. As flagged at the top of the post, this article was for OS getamap, which has been replaced by OS Maps and will be turned off soon. Follow this link to find out about OS Maps. You get a ‘standard’ OS map for free, which zooms to show everything from national overview to street mapping, but the 25K and 50K mapping are now limited to subscribers.

  14. I recently found an older OS map on the British History Online web site dated as 1888. I have two questions. When did the ordinance survey maps begin? Have you scanned the older ones for this web site? My group is studying early Dorset and are interested in seeing anything that was produced before the land was adulterated with modern buildings. The map we found has provided us with a major clue as to an archaeological feature we are studying. Thank you.

  15. Mike Lewis

    I’ve signed up for a free “trial” as suggested, and have to say the site is not user-friendly at all…..
    I cannot see how to get from signing in, to actually getting an Explorer map of the area I want to see details of, which is what I signed up to get !
    Please help……

    1. Hi Mike

      With the change to OS Maps, the Explorer and Landranger maps are now restricted to subscribers only. However, we have increased the level of detail available on the ‘standard’ map available to all users.

      Do keep an eye out for offers, especially over Christmas!

  16. Pingback : Navigation in the 21st Century Part 2 - Home Printing Maps Using OS Maps Online and Other Tools - Outdoors Father

    1. Hi Catherine

      We are running a scheme at the moment and giving boxes of old maps to scout groups etc for navigation purposes. They are a random selection of maps and won’t be specific to any area though. There’s information on how to apply here: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/blog/2016/02/map-return-scheme-proves-a-booming-success/

      There’s also the Digimap for Schools service though that gives schools access to OS maps at various scales for the whole of Britain, for a small annual fee. This enables children to use the maps online, annotate them and print them out. More information here: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/education-research/maps-for-schools/digimap-for-schools.html

      Thanks, Gemma

  17. Rob

    Why was the decision taken to restrict access to Landranger and Explorer maps to paid subscribers only when previously we didn’t have to pay directly? I understand the need to pay for paper maps or wholesale, offline access to digital maps. But as tax payers, we have already paid for your organisation to gather the mapping data. Why do we now have to pay for it a second time in order to view it?

  18. John

    OS Maps online used to work well (W10, IE11), but recently when I try to print a fairly large route (having selected the type of map I want (i.e., Standard + OS Leisure Maps), if I have to change the size to better fit a map to the printed page, the map format reverts to Standard.
    What am I doing wrong, or has something changed?

    1. Hi John. Not that we are aware of, but I have passed your comments over to the test team to see if they can recreate it. Some things you can try: use a Private browsing window and test again. If this works it’s probably an issue with local cookies and cache (which you should then clear). Also, try using a different browser, to see if it is just IE11. There is a new release due out next week which has some improvements and bug fixes, so if we can identify any issues before then I will ask them to fix it at that point if possible.

    2. Hi John. Trying to recreate your issue I think I have found the reason. You can only zoom out so far on the Leisure maps before it reverts to standard. This is deliberate, as trying to view or print maps beyond this point loses too much detail, and makes the map unusable.

      The solution is to print multiple pages. Set the print area for half the route, and print that, then go into print again and print the second half, with some overlap to make is easier as you switch between sheets. Try to avoid changing the zoom level between print so they are consistent. If you do need a larger physical map you can even tape two or more together to create a ‘strip map’ style route plan.

      I hope this helps, but get back to me if I’ve misunderstood.

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