Putting our medal winners on the map

Following the enormous success of Team GB a few weeks ago, where we saw our medal map becoming a sea of gold, silver and bronze markers, it’s now time to support our Paralympians.

We’re continuing to track where our medal-winning athletes come from, to find out whether there are hotspots around the country that produce medal-winning people.

As with our Team GB medal map‘, we’ve created the new map using OS OpenSpace. The idea is that whenever a member of the ParalympicsGB team wins a medal, we will add a marker (in gold, silver or bronze) in their place of birth as identified on the ParalympicsGB website. For team events, we will be highlighting each member of the team. We’ll update the medal map each weekday morning to reflect medals won the previous day.

We’re looking forward to adding the medal winners to our medal map

As the national mapping agency for Great Britain, our data covers England, Scotland and Wales, while the ParalympicsGB team includes athletes from Great Britain, Northern Ireland and crown dependencies. However, as with our Team GB medal map, we’re ensuring every athlete can celebrate their success on the medal map. Any ParalympicsGB team member born outside Great Britain, whether that is Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or further afield, will instead have their medal placed on the map at their current home town. Where this is also outside Great Britain, we place the marker at the spot they won their medal.

So, take a look at our medal map and see if there any medal winners clustered in your area – perhaps it will inspire you to take up a new sport! As well as browsing around the country you can use the search to look up sports or medal types to find athletes.

If you haven’t come across it before, OS OpenSpace is a free service that allows you to embed our maps, covering the whole of Great Britain, into your web applications, if they are free to consumers. OS OpenSpace uses our JavaScript application programming interface (API) and does not include any advertising in the maps.

4 Responses

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  2. Richard Norman

    Great application of your mapping data. A pity you did not include Northern Ireland as they are part of the Team GB squad, despite the ‘Northern Ireland’ bit being dropped so that the name woudl be more catchy.

    1. Gemma

      Hi Richard, really good to hear you like the medal map. Don’t forget, that while we don’t collect data for Northern Ireland and can’t include it in our OS OpenSpace map, we’re still putting all medal-winning athletes on the map. Those born outside Great Britain are either placed on the map at their current home town if that is in GB, or their marker is placed at the location they won their medal.
      Thanks, Gemma

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