So you think you know your map symbols?

Once again this summer saw navigation skills being debated following walkers and holidaymakers being rescued from hills and mountainsides around the country. Whether using a paper map or a handheld GPS (not your satnav) to explore the great outdoors, you should ensure you are capable of reading a map and understanding the information displayed.  So, how about testing your knowledge of map symbols? How well do you think you know the symbols that appear on our OS Explorer and OS Landranger maps?

Test yourself on you map symbol knowledge, post your answers on the blog and we’ll let you know how you’ve scored.

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If you think you need to brush up on your skills after trying the quizzes – there is plenty of helpful advice on our website. There are useful guides for you to download, a series of videos recorded with the Wildlife Whisperer, Simon King, and information on map reading workshops.


19 Responses

  1. Doug McNeil

    Probably not right but worth a try?

    1. Rain Forcast
    2. Weather for Ducks
    3. Cold enough to Snow
    4. So windy the windmill lost its walls
    5. Earmuffs required
    6. VVV ery VVery Cold
    7. Scarf Required
    8. Cold enough for Penguins
    9. Large Snowflakes
    10 Grass cut

  2. Tom Onions

    Not sure, but possibly…

    1. Shingle
    2. Nature reserve
    3. Church without spire/steeple
    4. Wind turbine
    6. Visitor centre
    7. Picnic area

  3. Nigel Wright

    I think the map symbols are;

    1. Spoil Heap
    2. Nature Reserve
    3. Site of Antiquity
    4. Wind Pump
    5. World Heritage Area
    6. Visitor Centre
    7. Picnic area
    8. Sea Life Park
    9. Garden
    10. Coppice

  4. Igor Kosoric

    Possibly the following:

    1. Landfill
    2. Archaeological Monument
    5. Wild guess, which I’am probably wrong. Road Junction????
    8. Wildlife sanctuary

  5. Gemma

    Well done to Nigel for making it 9 out of 10. We’re still looking for number 8 though – it is a tricky one and specific to a certain area in Great Britain…

  6. Mrs Lloyd

    I am teaching a class of Year 5 and 6 children at Darley Churchtown school. At the end of our Geography lesson today (using ordnance survey maps) we had a quick go at working out what these symbols might be. Here are the ideas from Class 4!
    1. Pebbles/shingle
    2. Nature Reserve
    3. Helipad
    4. Windmill
    7.Picnic area
    8.Zoo (water birds)
    9.Botanical Gardens
    We really weren’t sure about the other ones! Any feedback gratefully received!

    1. Gemma

      Hi Mrs Lloyd

      Thanks for sending your children’s answers in and well done for answering both number two and number seven correctly. Some of our other blog readers have managed all 10 between them and you can see their answers below.

      We have a range of educational resources on our website that could be of use to your class too: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/education-and-research/teaching-resources/index.html

      And, if you would like to know more about map symbols, you can download resources here: https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/education-and-research/teaching-resources/map-symbols.html

      Many thanks

  7. Geog ninja

    1.landfil site
    2.nature reserve
    3.place of worship
    4.wind generator
    5.dunno do it yourslef
    6.visitor centre
    7.picnic site
    8.national park info point
    10.bracken, heath

  8. Joey Barton

    1. Landfill
    2. Nature Rsv
    3. WGS 84 grat at 5′
    4. Windpump
    5. World heritage site
    6. Visitor centre
    7. Picnic site
    8. Zoo
    9. Garden
    10. Deforested area

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