The Marloes in Pembrokeshire

Today’s walk is from Peter Naldrett, author of the Trigpoint Walks series of books. You can follow Peter on @peternaldrett on Twitter or find out more at  www.peter-naldrett.co.uk

A delightful exploration around the village of Marloes and the rugged scenery at Wooltack Point.

Length of route: 8.9km / 5.5miles

Time: 2 hours 40 minutes

Difficulty: Easy paths with a steady climb to Wootack Point. Steep cliffs.

Map: OS Explorer Map OL36 South Pembrokeshire / De Sir Benfro

Start / finish point: A National Trust car park on the road west out of Marloes (SM 762, 089)

Trig points:Marloes at 76m/249ft (SM 785, 084)

ROUTE Taking you to the western tip of mainland south-west Pembrokeshire, this walk has few to match its wilderness and dramatic scenery. To reach the starting point, you need to head west from Milford Haven, following signs for Marloes. At the northern end of Marloes, the road bends off to the left and continues stretching away to the west. You need to follow this road into National Trust land and make your way to the car park at the end, where the walk starts at grid reference SM 762, 089.

From the car park, head to the road and turn right onto it. Continue on this road, with views of St Brides Bay being particularly pleasing on the left. The trigpoint (S6544) is located in a field on the right at grid reference SM 785, 084. Access to the trig, which is still used as part of the GPS network, is easy. The landowner has kindly established a permissive footpath straight to the trig, allowing you to get a closer look. Once there, you’ll see the plaques in English and Welsh that disclose its importance as a GPS marker.

Head back to the road from the trig, turning right onto the road and continuing straight ahead towards the village of Marloes. Follow the road as it bends to the right into the village and head through it. As the road leaves Marloes, take the turning off to the right. Continue straight ahead, passing Marloes Court until you reach a well established bridleway. Turn right onto the bridleway and continue until it brings you out onto the original local road. Turn left onto the road, heading up to the car park and walking beyond it as we continue our walk.

The road will bend round to the left, passing a shop on the right. As the road bends round to the right so as to turn back on itself, you need to take the path off to the left at grid reference SM 760, 089. This is the National Trust area known as Deer Park and it is criss-crossed by a wide range of paths. Describing one route that you should stick to is difficult, but if you take the path that branches off to the right going up the hill you can make your way to Wooltack Point, an incredibly beautiful and picturesque location. Care is needed everywhere in this particular area as there are steep drops down to the sea and the weather can turn for the worse very quickly. Having explored Wooltack Point, you need to retrace your footsteps across Deer Park back to the road which gives access to it. Once there, turn right onto the road, heading round the bends and making your way back to the National Trust car park, which was the starting point.

Peter’s book with more Trigpoint walks in Pembrokeshire is available here.

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