See the Olympic Park in 2030!

In partnership with the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE), we have produced a customised map of the future Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, as it will look in 2030. The map illustrates the transformation of the former site of the prestigious London 2012 Olympic Park, recognises the outstanding achievements of civil engineers, and celebrates the work of the Olympic Delivery Authority and ongoing work of the London Legacy Development Corporation. 

The map demonstrates the work of civil engineers and Ordnance Survey’s role in providing geographical information to inform design plans.  An overview of developments of the site includes transport facts, energy issues, timeline, and information about the venues.  It will give people a raised awareness of the regeneration of the site and a sense of scale of the operation.

Used as a tool for students, their teachers and parents, the map will be used to show just how exciting and rewarding a career in civil engineering can be.  In anticipation of the interest this map may generate, we have made it available as a pdf for you to download: page one, page two.

7 Responses

  1. Graeme Smith

    Is this map going to be available to buy?! Seems a shame to produce something like this, and then only make it generally available as a low-res image.

  2. Bob Lang

    Is the data available as a ESRI accessible file format? Would like to develop a teaching activity based on it

    1. Gemma

      Hi Bob

      Thanks for the interest, we created the map for print purposes for ICE, so it’s only available as the PDF in the article.

      Kind regards

  3. Jeff Lock

    The map is missing a footbridge at the left tip of South plaza across Sun Wharf. (low level humped bridge linking waterside paths on both sides of the wharf – I walked over it today and I understand it is being retained.) Will this be corrected in future editions?

    Kind regards

    Jeff Lock

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