February 22, 2013


Style sheets available for all our vector products

Ordnance Survey has developed and released a full set of style sheets for all its vector products, including OS MasterMap Topography Layer and OS VectorMap Local. The new style sheets, an addition to the initial release of a set of OS OpenData Styled Layer Descriptors (SLDs) released in December 2012, will make it easier for users to ‘plug in and play’ and build Ordnance Survey maps into their web services or geographical information system (GIS).

Made available under an open licence, SLDs are commonly used in conjunction with a web server to style data for a web map service (WMS).  They have been developed in an open structured format that will easily enable conversion to desktop GIS readable style sheets.

Styling applied using QGIS software

Increasingly customers and partners need to present our vector products in a suitable raster style, for their Intranet service for example; that can be quite a time consuming process. We have created the SLDs to help reduce the time and resource needed to properly apply cartographic styling for web and GIS visualisation and enable their products to reflect the Ordnance Survey style and feel.

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