Putting romance on the map

In the past on the blog we’ve looked at spooky place names, festive place names and we’ve even written about ‘alternative’ place names. But with love in the air today, we thought we’d put Britain’s most romantic place names on the map.

A quick search of our place name gazetteer reveals that the country is blossoming with plenty of places for budding romantics to confess their love on Valentine’s Day. So, we’ve taken a list of romantic place names and added them to our romantic OS OpenSpace map. So, if you want to take your Truelove (Devon) for a romantic stroll  to say Isle of Ewe (say it out loud), you can now see the best spots to visit.

See the map on our website and find your favourite romantic place name.

We know there are a lot of roads out there with romantic names too, but we’ve just mapped the places on this one. Can you think of any romantic place names we haven’t added to the map?

If you haven’t come across it before, OS OpenSpace is a free service for non-commerical websites that allows you to embed our maps, covering the whole of Great Britain, into your web applications. There is also OS OpenSpace Pro, which we’ve used for our romantic place names map, aimed at businesses wishing to charge for access, track assets or build internal applications.

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3 Responses

  1. Leanne

    If you don’t visit Trust (Farm), Grace (Walk) or Patience (Bridge) then you might need Flowers hill, Wine Port or a visit to Cadbury.

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