April 2, 2013


OS OpenData product update – OS Terrain 50

At the end of March we saw Ordnance Survey’s free data portal, OS OpenData, upgraded with the release of a new version of OS VectorMap District. Today, sees another significant update to OS OpenData with the release of OS Terrain 50.

OS OpenData users and developers can now access a new fully maintained analytical height product called OS Terrain 50. The new product, which has a similar resolution to Land-Form PANORAMA, will enable users to access an advanced product with consistently maintained height content for the whole of Great Britain.

Land-Form PANORAMA was an unmaintained product and was last updated in the 1990s. The new product will give users more confidence in the currency of the data and will be supplied in additional formats, making it far more accessible.

It can be easily integrated with Vector Map District which is available through OS OpenData, or OS MasterMap Topography Layer and will be a welcome addition to the tools used for terrain analysis and 3D visualisation by a wide range of users.

Arriving as a grid file, it is expected that OS Terrain 50 will be used primarily as an analytical tool for landscape visualisation and analysis over large areas. For example interrogating the visual impact of wind turbines or high-level flood risk assessment, transport infrastructure planning, environmental impact assessment (wind farm location for example), signal propagation (radio, telephone) and security and defence planning

OS Terrain 50 is part of the new OS Terrain family; OS Terrain 5  a mid-resolution DTM, designed to be interoperable with our large-scale data will be released in the near future.

 For now, OS Terrain 50 is available through the OS OpenData portal to download now.

Please select OS Terrain 50 and chose the ‘Supply format’ as ASCII GRID AND GML (GRID) – GB and tick the box to download the files.


We’ve launched OS MasterMap Sites Layer





We are excited to launch the latest product in the OS MasterMap family, Sites Layer.

OS MasterMap Sites Layer is a nationally maintained dataset that maps the detailed extent of important locations such as airports, schools, hospitals, ports, utility and infrastructure sites and more. The points of access into these sites from the nearest road network are also provided.

This initial release of OS MasterMap Sites Layer focuses on sites in the following themes: Air Transport (such as airports, heliports and airfields), Education (such as schools and university campuses), Medical Care (such as medical care centres, hospices and hospitals), Rail Transport (such as railway station, tram station, vehicular rail terminal), Road Transport (such as coach station, bus station, road user services), Water Transport (such as ports, vehicular and passenger ferry terminals), Utility and Industrial (such as oil terminal, chemical works, oil and gas distribution or storage).

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