Have a foodie experience with the Real Food Wales app

If you’re planning on visiting Pembrokeshire over the half-term holiday and want to explore the area and enjoy some great food – then we know the app for you! Real Food Wales is a new iPhone app from one of our GeoVation Challenge winners, and it can help you discover local, sustainable and delicious food along the Welsh Coast Path in Pembrokeshire.

Helen and Nicola Steer, sisters from South Wales, were one of five successful ventures in last year’s GeoVation Challenge, which asked entrepreneurs across Great Britain to use innovation and geography to come up with ideas to help connect communities and visitors along the new Welsh Coast Path.

The Real Food Wales team used their unique network of local knowledge to displaying a large selection of food businesses on an offline interactive map of Pembrokeshire. Real Food Wales maps over 150 of the best food businesses in Pembrokeshire, helping you access sustainable and delicious food. It’s the ideal app if you’re looking for a special meal at a restaurant, a bite to eat in a quirky café, the best sausage in town for your campfire or a food experience you’ll never forget.

The core feature of Real Food Wales is the interactive map, consisting of five zoom levels, which allow users to find the best places to eat out, buy food or have a foodie experience. The map of Pembrokeshire is stored onto your device, so you can access the information even when there is no mobile signal.

For more information on Real Food Wales visit www.mapkin.co.uk or download the app direct from https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/real-food/id638725873?mt=8

If you’re exploring Pembrokeshire and would like a walking map for the area, you can also download our OS MapFinder app for iOS devices. Find out more about the route planning and tracking features on our website or download it from The App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/os-mapfinder/id577097874?mt=8

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