News and recycling on the city streets

Are your communications channels robust? Are they reliable? What about bomb-proof? When the City of London needed to create a network of tough, resilient communications pods that would continue to function in the aftermath of a civil emergency, they needed Ordnance Survey data to help them optimise the locations.

How can a pod help me?

LED screens on the side of the pods deliver the latest shifts in the financial markets and other relevant news, helping to keep city traders informed. Workers in the city also need to know about movements below ground, so any delays or problems with the tube network are also published on the screens.

The pods are not just about communications – each one also helps to keep the city clean. The pods are designed with a recycling opening, allowing half a tonne of newspaper waste to be recycled each year.

How did this happen?

To deliver this complex and robust solution, Renew (a City of London partner) made use of Ordnance Survey’s partner emapsite to build a web based portal that could handle the requirements for the detailed geographic data needed in the design and planning process.  

Using a range of online solutions from emapsite, Renew were able to create the detailed block plans at the appropriate scale for each planning application. Thanks to membership of the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA), sharing and licensing of the map data with third party contractors and all project partners was made possible, delivering fast and easy access to the data needed to do their work effectively.

Under the agreement, public organisations such as the City of London Corporation can access the sophisticated map data they need to support the planning work for this type of project. OS MasterMap® Topography layer provided the road and building details and a range of raster products helped deliver other geographical details and background to provide the quality and accuracy needed for these activities.

The future of news pods

Future plans for the pods are to roll out wireless capability to allow interaction between the pods and mobile devices of pedestrians as they pass by.

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