June 4, 2013


Web Cartography for National Spatial Data Infrastructure’s Belgium, Leuven

Last month Paul attended a workshop on Web Cartography for National Spatial Data Infrastructure’s at the Faculty Club in Leuven, Belgium.

© Faculty Club 2013

Leuven is situated about 25 kilometres east of Brussels and is home to Anheuser-Busch In Bev, the world’s largest brewer group. The workshop saw a number of National Mapping Agencies (NMA’s) and other organisations get together to present on a number of topics around web cartography.

The workshop began with Sebastien Mustière from Institut Geographique National (IGN), France, giving the first presentation on the work done through their ‘Géoportail’, a web mapping service that publishes maps and aerial imagery ofFrance and its territories.

Sebastian spoke about the necessity for consistent styling and representation of features across all map scales focussing on the need to maintain user experience. He highlighted this by showing some work IGN have done to standardise map legends and to automatically derive up-to-date vector maps from vector geographic databases.

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