Mapping out the Pirelli Richard Burns Foundation Rally

Ordnance Survey data is used across businesses, government and by individuals, but we still enjoy hearing about different uses. When we saw a tweet from the Pirelli Richard Burns Foundation Rally saying they used our maps, we contacted Bev from the team to find out more.

Rikki Proffitt

To prepare for any rally we need to map out the routes through the forest that will be used at each stage – and this is where Ordnance Survey maps come in. We mark the routes out on the maps for each stage before the team head out into the forest, drive the routes on the maps and decide on the best route for each stage. Sometimes, none of them are quite right and it’s back to the maps to draw out a new route to test.

Once we have the stage routes, we then need to map out the road routes to make sure everyone knows the best route to reach each stage.

Once we’ve completed the stage and road routes and worked out the mileage, we work with Rally Maps as they produce official rally maps for the majority of UK rally’s.

In addition to the official maps, we also provide the rally teams with road books, which contain tulip diagrams (see picture) detailing both road routes and the stage routes.

As you can see the road books don’t give you any idea as to where you are in the countryside…so teams also use Ordnance Survey maps to view road routes and the stages – and then use them throughout the rally, in case they do get lost or as happened this year, need to make a detour off the main rally route (there was an accident on the A69 which caused the road to be closed, so they had to detour around it).  They can use the Ordnance Survey maps to view the rally as a whole, but also use them to determine where they can meet up with their management/service/auxiliary crew if they need to – on the road route sections.

It gives teams the choice between using the combination of our road book and Ordnance Survey maps to navigate the rally or to buy from Rally Maps and use that with the road book.

And our use of Ordnance Survey maps doesn’t stop there – we also provide spectators with grid references for the spectator car parks as well as providing them with GPS coordinates.

Jukka Korhonen

The Pirelli Rally has been running for decades, with Pirelli sponsoring the event since 1977 when their Carlisle factory became involved in the day itself. This year, the rally renamed itself as the Pirelli Richard Burns Foundation Rally to pay tribute to the 2001 World Rally Champion who tragically died at just 34 following a brain tumour. Find out more about the rally on their website: http://www.thepirellirally.co.uk/pirellirally/p13/index.php/news/history.html

Rally images courtesy of Chris & Robin Ellison.

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