Eight new things from Ordnance Survey in 2013

We’ve had a busy 2013 so far and there have been a number of new Ordnance Survey products and services released. We thought we’d give you a round-up of our eight  great new and updated products and services of 2013 so far.

OS MapFinder for iOS devices

Our OS MapFinder app for iOS devices launched in January, providing a free-to-download navigation app for walkers, cyclists and more. With over 120,000 downloads of the app in three months, it’s proved very popular and thousands more have downloaded map tiles for the areas they want to explore. We’re currently working on an Android version of the app and we’ll let you know when that’s available. In the meantime, find out more about OS MapFinder for iOS.

Building on the success of OS MapFinder, we recently launched the OS OpenSpace SDK for iOS. Through the new software development kit (SDK), developers can quickly and easily add detailed Ordnance Survey maps to their applications on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The powerful and fast SDK provides a number of significant benefits for both the developer and the end users, including quick rendering and offline mapping, meaning that apps can still function even without a mobile signal. Get started on our website.

Continuing the open theme, we released OS Terrain 50 in April, adding to our OS OpenData product portfolio. Users and developers can now access a new fully maintained analytical height product called OS Terrain 50, available in grid and contour format. You can view and download the product on our website.

In June OS Terrain 5 joined our new height portfolio. Offering maintained national coverage and available in both grid and contour formats, OS Terrain 5 depicts the shape of Great Britain’s landscape. Presented as a Digital Terrain Model (DTM), OS Terrain 5 adds the third dimension to analytical applications such as flood risk assessment and infrastructure development.

We launch the next iteration of our Linked Data service in June at: http://data.ordnancesurvey.co.uk. The improved service is easy to use and access, adhering to new standards and making the data more open.

OS VectorMap District

March saw us release our newly updated OS OpenData product, OS VectorMap District Version 1.0. It delivers an enhanced user experience over our previous beta version through the provision of additional formats and styling tools. OS Vector Map District was designed for viewing either as a map on its own or as a contextual backdrop to your own data, enabling you to share information more effectively.

We expanded the options for our OS OnDemand web map service in June. We have two versions of the service, a web map service (WMS), typically for geographical information system (GIS) access and and a web map tile service (WMTS), up to June accessed only on a browser using our API. From June, in response to a growing customer need, our WMTS was upgraded to full OGC standard, enabling users to access via a GIS as well as web browser.

Finally, we added two new layers to our flagship suite of products, OS MasterMap:

  • In May, the OS MasterMap Networks – Water Layer, was released, mapping watercourses across Scotland. The product, released in beta, will be used to improve scientific understanding of water flows and water quality reporting under the statutory EU Water Framework Directive.
  • Meanwhile in April the innovative OS MasterMap Sites Layer launched. The product is a nationally maintained dataset that maps the detailed extent of important locations such as airports, schools, hospitals, ports, utility and infrastructure sites and more. The points of access into these sites from the nearest road network are also provided.

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