We are ODI certified

There are so many different types of open data being released that it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to know the best to use in their applications, systems and technology.  To address this, the Open Data Institute (ODI) has launched the ODI certificate, which publishers can check their open data against.

The certificate runs through a series of questions that have been designed to help publishers:

  • explain what their open data is about
  • improve quality with other people’s help
  • respect people’s privacy and rights
  • build communities of interested people
  • deliver open data that people can depend upon

There are 4 kinds of certificate levels available; Raw, Pilot, Standard and Expert. Progressing through each level demonstrates an increased support network and robust information infrastructure.

“The Expert level sets a very high bar. This ambition underpins the potential we see in open data if it is published well. We don’t know who will be the first to attain an Expert certificate, but whoever it is will be celebrated!” (Jeni Tennison, Technical Director, ODI)

We put our Linked Data products, Code-Point Open, Boundary-Line and 1:50 000 Scale Gazetteer through the certification process and all are now certified “Standard Level”.

The application is really easy to use and the recommendations provided on how to improve the data to increase its rating have given us a clear steer on improving the openness of the data.

We now plan to put all of our other OS OpenData products through the same process to help to prioritise future developments and will published the results on our website.



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