September 6, 2013


The 26th International Cartographic Conference

Last week, the beautiful city of Dresden in Saxony, Germany played host to the 26th International Cartographic Conference.

As the conference welcome letter points out, ‘Dresden boasts the highest density of art treasures in Europe. And, for cartographers, the possibility to view one of the top international globe collections. Dresden is also the home of educational and research institutions that have progressed the theoretical and practical elements of Cartography and GI Science.’

Whilst the majority of the population is of German ancestry, the Slavic and Soviet influences along with the city’s geographical location bring a very multicultural feel to the city making it a befitting venue for an international conference.

Ordnance Survey created a significant presence at the conference with three paper presentations, an Ordnance Survey wall in the Cartographic Exhibition, and five posters in the Poster Exhibition, all of which was very much noticed and led to much discussion with peers from field-leaders to new faces.


Paper presentations

Our papers, and many of the others, are all on the conference website:

Ordnance Survey’s cartographic design principles: An approach to promoting good map design

C. Wesson, C. Glynn, P. Naylor

Deriving Products from a Multi-Resolution Database using Automated Generalisation at Ordnance Survey

N. Regnauld, S. Lessware, C. Wesson, M. Plews

Identifying Built-up Areas for 2011 Census Outputs

J. Harding, B. South, M. Freeman, S. Zhou, A. Babington

With over 150 presentation sessions, seven plenary keynotes and many other events, presentations, meetings and awards, there was great variety at the conference and yet the majority of the content was also pleasingly very cartographic. Our presenters and attendees all gained far more than they had hoped from the week and we are now feeding this back into the business. Read More