October 10, 2013


OS OpenData interactive postcode viewer

We recently wrote about the work of our on our summer interns in our Labs team, Joseph Braybrook, creating a Minecraft map of Great Britain. During his time with us Joseph also created an interactive postcode viewer for exploring all 1.7 million postcodes in Great Britain.

The idea came from a demo program included with Processing – a programming language and development environment with a focus on creating audio/visual applications. The demo visualises 41,557 US zipcodes as individual points as shown in the screenshot below.

We decided it would be interesting to try the same approach using British postcodes, which are readily available as open data in our Code-Point Open product. This is a much larger dataset with almost 1.7 million individual records.

To further showcase what can be achieved with OS OpenData we also incorporated some of our mapping in the form of OS VectorMap District.

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