Friday quiz: name these eight lighthouses on a map

photoA recent trip to a lighthouse on holiday (pictured) inspired the latest Friday fun quiz. Lighthouses have been about in various formats since at least 280BC; first being stone towers or minarets with fires lit at the top, before moving towards the stone towers with lighthouse keepers tending the lights that we all remember from childhood stories and onwards towards the age of electric, where lighthouse keepers started to decline.

There are 370 features classed as lighthouses (both working and disused and in many different shapes and forms) in Great Britain according to our master map database, containing our most detailed data. Traditional lighthouses in England and Wales are looked after by Trinity House; in Scotland, by the Northern Lighthouse Board. As lighthouses fell out of traditional use, they continue to be popular, often used as tourist attractions to visit the tower and climb to the top, or even as holiday homes for families to rent out. 

We’ve picked eight lighthouses from around Great Britain which are shown in our maps. Because, by their nature, lighthouses are usually in remote coastal spots, we’ve changed the quiz format a little today. We’ve shown a wider extract of the area to help you identify the location, and then the lighthouse itself is shown in our OS MasterMap Imagery Layer. To enter our fun quiz, just post your answers on the blog and we’ll let you know how you’ve done.


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7 Responses

    1. Hi Lee

      That isn’t something that we produce or have come across. Trinity House themselves may know if such a map is available though.

      Many thanks

  1. Auntie Gill

    Trinity house don’t do one either – my sister is a lighthouse bagger and I wanted one for her Christmas – gap in the market for someone ?

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