A dramatic change updated – Kelpies!

We make 10,000 changes to our geospatial database every day in order to keep it as up to date as possible. We have a team of 250 surveyors who collect change across the country as well as two aircraft which collect highly detailed aerial imagery which is incorporated in to the database.


Many of the changes are small; changes to road layout and pavements or changes to individual buildings and new developments, but from time to time we need to survey something a little more unusual in order to make sure that we record everything you can see in the landscape.


So, when the call came in to map some mythical creatures there was quite a lot of interest among our surveyors. Kelpies are mythical water horses from Celtic folklore, but have been recreated in sculpture form at The Helix – a 350 hectare park between Falkirk and Grangemouth.


The BBC news in Scotland ran a story about the Kelpies being completed and within days, our team were there making sure that we have recorded the detail so it appears on our maps.


The Kelpies will soon be appearing on OS MasterMap despite the fact that the park in which they sit in is yet to be completed.

As you can see they are an amazing and dramatic piece of public art standing 30 metres high and weighing over 300 tonnes each. Created by renowned sculptor Andy Scott, they are said to represent a momument to Scottish industry and horse powered industry as well as making a very modern declaration about the future of the area.


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5 Responses

  1. Neil Ormiston

    Just read your interesting report on the Kelpies, my understanding is that they fall within the boundaries of Grangemouth not Falkirk, I hope this is reflected correctly on the map

    Many Thanks


  2. I am glad the Kelpies will be identified on the new OS Map, but would point out, the Helix project is in Falkirk district, but the Kelpies are in Grangemouth not ‘between Falkirk and Grangemouth’.

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